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For many mothers, coaxing their baby to sleep is a difficult task. Sometimes the mother just coaxed the baby to sleep, but when she left, he woke up again.

This is where a soothing toys comes in handy.

So, what are soothing toys? Do soother toys work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of soothe toys? How to choose best soother toys?

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Here is the Introduction and Recommendation of Soothing Toys

What is a Soothing Toy?

Best soothing toys can provide a long-lasting soothing effect on your baby, helping him fall asleep peacefully and have a sweet night’s sleep.

Compared with ordinary plush toys, its biggest feature is that it is a child’s close companion when sleeping, and a reliable good friend in sleep. Therefore, you may wish to choose a high-quality comfort toy for your baby.

Remind everyone that from a safety point of view, soothe toys are suitable for babies who are over 4 months old and can raise their heads on their stomachs.

Best Soother Toys

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Do Soothe Toys Work?

According to a study in the United Kingdom and the United States, up to 70% of children have a great sense of dependence on soothe toys when they are young.

Ostensibly, this is because it helps protect your baby against negative emotional influences. And the reason why it can exert this power is because it meets the child’s huge need for security.

When a baby is separated from a parent, although a soothing toy cannot replace the parent, it will minimize the damage to the baby from the separation. This means that whenever the baby needs it, the soothing toy can comfort the baby at any time and fill the void of security.

Many parents worry that their baby’s dependence on soothe toys will affect their independence, so they don’t use them for a long time. this is not the truth!

According to a University of Wisconsin study, there is no direct link between how the parent-child relationship works and a baby’s attachment to a soothing toy.

And, the more your baby relies on soothe toys , the more resilient he is to stress. In other words, a baby can defuse stress with a pacifier at a young age, and he can cope with stress later on without the help of a pacifier.

The Pros and Cons of Soothe Toys

The Advantages of Soothe Toys

Best soothing toys can remind babies of happy times with their parents. When held by a parent, holding a soothing toy in hand can give a baby a spiritual comfort.

When the baby encounters family changes, stress, separation (including sleep), there is a strong need for best soother toys. Studies have found that soothing toys can help babies get through restless times.

After the baby grows up and has a sufficient sense of security, the need for soothe toys will not be so strong. But this process needs to be handled by the child himself.

Disadvantages of Soothing Toys

The baby is always holding the soothing toy, which is inconvenient to play and may be confusing to others. If other children don’t take care of the soothing toys, it may lead to conflicts.

In addition, when parents take the comforter to wash, it may cause the baby to cry.

How to Choose Soothe Toys?

Best soother toys can give your baby a sense of security, which is very important for your baby. Parents should pay attention to the following points when choosing soothe toys for their babies:

1. The material should be environmentally friendly and safe

The baby is in the sensitive period of oral cavity, light perception, and limb development, and the soothing toy is the item that the baby often comes into close contact with, so the safety of the material is very important.

Parents should check whether the toy has safety certification marks (3C, CE, ISO, etc.) when choosing, and whether the material has been tested by a third-party authority to ensure that it does not contain substances harmful to the baby’s body, and is environmentally safe.

In addition, children may chew on soothe toys when they fall asleep, so it is recommended to choose short-pile products.

2. The quality must pass the test

When choosing a soothing toy, you should carefully check the details of the toy to ensure its quality: whether there are burrs, whether the stitches are strong, whether the edges and corners are sharp, whether the rope will strangle the baby’s neck or fingers, whether the existing gap will pinch the baby, Whether small objects are easy to be buckled and swallowed by the baby or stuffed into the nostrils and ear canals.

If there are sound and light music toys, you should also pay attention to whether the wires are exposed, and whether the zipper for the device and the battery is easy to scratch the child or be torn by the child.

3. The size should be moderate

The size is good for the child to easily hold with both hands. And the length is also required, it is best not to exceed half of his height. Generally speaking, if the child is 4 months to 4 years old, the total length of the toy is about 40cm.

In addition, the baby may need comfort anytime, anywhere, so it is also important that the toy is portable.

4. The filling should be soft and fluffy

For your baby’s safety, best soother toys should not be too tightly padded. It is recommended to purchase a moderately filled, soft and fluffy toy as a soothing toy for your baby.

The kind of toys with a large size and cute appearance are not suitable for baby soothe toys, please pay attention to this point.

5. Moderate sound and light mode

Some soothing toys can sound and emit light, and it is a good choice to soothe the baby through changes in light and sound. As for the brightness of the lights, you don’t need to worry too much.

Another point to note is that the sounds of nature made by best soother toys may seem boring to some parents, but in fact the baby likes it very much.

6. Easy to clean

Soothe toys come into contact with your baby on a daily basis and require frequent cleaning. It should be noted that some soothe toys can be machine washed, while others need to be hand washed. Before cleaning, read the label carefully and master the cleaning method.

When cleaning some toys, take out the electronic components inside, and then choose a suitable detergent for hand washing or machine washing according to the requirements of the label. Do not use the dryer to dry after washing, it is best to dry in the sun to disinfect.

7. The quantity must be controlled

If a soothing toy can play a very good role in soothing the baby, it is best for parents to make it more “intimate” with the baby. Therefore, to appease toy parents not to buy too much, just high-quality and durable.

Soothe toys are an alternative source of baby’s sense of security. When the baby has to be separated from parents, although soothe toys cannot completely replace parents, they will minimize the harm of separation.

In a sense, that safe, soft, familiar soothing toy is more of an on-call companion, always there whenever your baby needs it, ready to fill the void of security.

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