Should Newborns Wear Hats at Night & What Effects?

should newborns wear hats at night

Key points

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  • Not all newborns need to wear a hat unless the room temperature is very cold.
  • Wearing a hat indoors, especially for sleeping at night, may cause your baby’s body temperature to become too high and cause illness.
  • Four factors to consider when choosing a suitable hat are material, size, decoration and breathability.

Many new parents’ moods are like sitting on a roller coaster, immersed in the first time as a parent’s joy while worrying about how to take care of their children.

For inexperienced mums and dads, taking good care of a child is no simple task, and the little things can often be traumatic.

We often see many newborns wearing cute hats. So, do newborns need to wear hats? Should a newborn baby wear a hat at night? Read this guide, and you will find more tips.

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Should Newborns Wear a Hat at Night?

The main purpose of wearing a hat with a newborn is to keep him warm. If the room is warm enough to keep your newborn warm, there is no need to wear a hat, even at night when sleeping.

Many years ago, when living conditions were poor, it was customary to put a hat on a newborn child. Of course, this is not absolute.

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Why Don't Newborns Need a Hat at Night?

First, we need to know that the head is the main part of our body that dissipates heat. If you also put a hat on your baby in a room with a suitable temperature, it won’t be easy to dissipate the heat from your child’s body. This will not only not increase the child’s comfort but will also cause discomfort to the baby.

On the one hand, wearing a hat may cause heat rash, which must be a very bad situation. On the other hand, if your baby is sweating profusely and you remove the hat, your baby is more likely to catch a cold and get sick instead. They may even become dependent on the hat.

Secondly, if the room is warm enough at night, putting a hat on your baby is unnecessary. No matter what material the hat is made of, wearing it for a long time will produce discomfort. Imagine what it would be like if we slept through the night with a hat on.

Unlike older children, newborns do not take their hats off voluntarily when they feel uncomfortable. They can only express themselves by crying out. When they can’t move their heads freely at night because of the hat or even feel constricted, they cry a lot, affecting their sleep.

Most importantly, the hat can add weight to the head and prevent the baby from sleeping through the night.

Finally, I would like to say that babies spend most of their time lying beside their mothers after birth. They are most comfortable in skin-to-skin contact with your baby, with your body helping to keep them warm and your body heat helping to regulate their body temperature.

When Should a Newborn Baby Wear a Hat?

First, it is necessary to have a hat for your baby when the room temperature is too low, for example, in places with a big difference in temperature between day and night or in unheated rooms. In the evening, when the adults feel that the surroundings are not very warm, giving the baby, good warmth measures is necessary.

It is also important to wear a hat when you take your child outside. On the one hand, wearing a hat can protect your baby from the sun and avoid sunburn. On the other hand, wearing a hat can let the wind blow, to avoid children because the wind blows cold.

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How to Choose a Hat?

Although wearing a hat to bed can disturb your baby’s sleep, you should still stock up on baby hats at home, just in case.


Baby’s skin is very delicate; in purchasing a baby cap, try to choose pure cotton, which will make the baby wear it more comfortable. Refusing to do a rough hat will make the baby very uncomfortable.


Don’t choose a hat that is just the right size or too tight, as this can snag your baby’s head and make them feel very uncomfortable. Generally, a hat a little larger than your baby’s head is ideal. (and with a certain amount of elasticity)


When choosing a hat for your baby, comfort comes first and aesthetics second. Don’t go overboard with aesthetics, and choose hats with small decorations, potentially dangerous to your baby.


The baby cap of moisture absorption breathability is very important, do not blindly pursue warmth to buy a too-thick hat. Avoid because the cap breathability is not good, the child’s body heat does not get a good release, leading to baby fire too vigorous, appearing internal heat cold, scalp long eczema situation occurs.