The Best Remote Control Velociraptor Blue

Remote Control Velociraptor

Remote control velociraptor toys have always been loved by children, especially children over seven years old, of course, this remote control Velociraptor toy is suitable for children 4 5 6 7 8 9 10+.

Because it moves, roars, and even lights up lights, etc. It is very interesting for children.

What do you know about remote control raptor toys? Then look down, I will take you to understand the various parts and functions of the remote control dinosaur in detail.This will help you choose what remote control dinosaur to give your child (as a gift).

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Here’s a Buying Guide for the RC Velociraptor

What is Remote Control Velociraptor Toys?

Product Features:

1. Scaled mock-up design based on Remote Control Velociraptor Blue

  • In terms of toy shape design, the remote control velociraptor blue toy has realistic details, such as the skin texture of the toy, bright colors, unique shapes and blue stripes and so on.
  • Added rotatable devices to the joints such as neck, shoulders, tail and feet to make it move more flexibly, which will also perform perfect movements more like a real dinosaur.
  • These designs allow remote control velociraptor to enrich children’s perceptual cognition while promoting the development of children’s sensory and motor abilities, and help them expand their cognition of things to a greater extent.
  • Some parents reported that when babies play with toys, they are more interested in movable and operable toys.

2. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery 3.7V 1200mah in RC Velociraptor.
  • After being fully charged, it can run continuously for up to 2 hours, allowing children to experience uninterrupted remote control toy time, so there is no need to worry about the sudden loss of power during play, because the two-hour time can satisfy most babies playing with toys. need.

3. 2.4Ghz wireless remote control

  • The toy is equipped with a 2.4Ghz wireless module with low latency, which enables the RC Velociraptor to receive commands from the remote control faster and respond.
  • The remote control velociraptor can be controlled by the buttons on the remote control to raise the feet to walk, wag the tail, move forward/backward, turn left/right, swing the head, make sounds, sparkle eyes, etc. Let a “real” Jurassic dinosaur unfold in front of you.

4. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials

  • The remote control velociraptor uses child-friendly materials: high-quality, smooth ABS material, no odor, no fading, and safe for children.
  • All components in the toy have been tested to strict safety and quality inspection standards as well as child safety toys.
  • Because the safety of toys is the most important thing for babies, while developing children’s intelligence, we must pay attention to whether the materials of toys are really safe.

Toy Buying Guide


Buying a good quality remote control velociraptor means that the toy has to be built sturdy and the materials used need to be smooth and durable so that it doesn’t squeak in use.

Of course, for the safety of the baby, it also needs to have excellent compression and shock resistance.

The quality of toys is closely related to the health and safety of children, because children like to put toys in their mouths.

And children come into contact with toys every day, so when buying remote control blue raptor, you must choose a better quality, and check whether the material of the toy is child-friendly and whether there is a mark of safety and quality inspection.


When buying remote control velociraptor, try to choose toys with rich functions for children, because more functions can better stimulate children’s thinking and imagination, so that children can open their minds and receive more information, which is helpful for development intelligence.

At the same time, it can also help children coordinate the functions of various parts of the body. Usually, the coordination ability of the human body needs to be established through repeated practice, and toys with rich functions are one of the best exercise tools for children.

For example, in the process of playing with Lego Duplo Set toys, children not only need to use the brain, but also need the cooperation of hands and feet, which can enhance the development of children’s muscle movement and physical coordination.

Easy to Operate

Do not buy toys that are too difficult for the baby to operate, otherwise it will reduce the baby’s interest in toys.

Choose by age

The toys you choose should be suitable for the age of the child. Children are in different growth stages at different ages, and the toys should also change accordingly.

Toys for children 0-6 months

  • At this point, the baby’s toys should be able to stimulate their senses, such as sight, hearing and touch. That’s why many baby toys are colorful, textured, and sound.
  • Choosing the right toy for a baby isn’t easy, but rattles, bounce seats, floor mats, teething sticks, soft-touch toys, and sleep-promoting toys are all good options.

Toys for 6-12 month olds

  • At this point, the baby has started to sit and start to move around, and the rattle and molar stick can no longer meet their needs.
  • Now, it’s time to choose some toys that can exercise their motor skills, such as a walker, which can stimulate their athletic ability well.

Toys for 1-3 year olds

  • oddlers are the most fun! Children this age tend to be energetic and eager to explore everything around them.
  • They like to do various exercises such as pulling, pushing, tapping, loading, inverting and so on.
  • They also have a strong curiosity, always trying to touch and observe everything they see.
  • This is a great age to learn, explore and discover.
  • Children aged 1-3 are lively, have a strong sense of music and love sports. Building toys like Educational Toys, Space Sand and blocks also work well with their imaginations.

Toys for kids ages 3 and up

  • Children at this time tend to like toys that stimulate the imagination, are challenging and have fun.
  • Toys with rich construction and innovative technology tend to take children this age for hours to delve into.
  • There are many toys suitable for preschool children, such as remote control velociraptor, toy piano, children’s bicycle and handicraft toys and so on.
  • Voice toys are also great options if you want to prepare them for school ahead of time.

Summing It Up

This remote control velociraptor toy is suitable for children to play in all aspects. The high-quality, non-toxic ABS material cannot be replaced by other toys.

And the smooth, wear-resistant surface can better protect the safety of children and let children imagine the joy brought by toys.

The remote control velociraptor can help your kid improve their social skills while activating their creative thinking. It is a good choice for kids to create their intelligence.

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