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RC Stunt Car

Suitable for Children 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8-12 Years Old

The remote control stunt car is also called a double-sided stunt car. It can make a lot of cool actions, and the unique skills make children love it. Buy a RC stunt car 360 for your child, he will have a childhood playmate and bring more joy!

Love them, just play with the kids! Let the toys place our innate childlike innocence and forget the troubles of growing up for a while! In order to grow up happily, let’s come to the world of RC together!

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What is RC Stunt Car 360

The remote control stunt car is also a kind of remote control car, but the difference lies in its unique structure and function. It can realize actions that ordinary remote control cars cannot. For example, two-way movement, 360° rotation, over the beach, grassland, rocks, etc., you can use the remote control to control the movement of the car in any direction.

The most obvious feature of its appearance is that the wheels are particularly large. It is equipped with flexible wheels, so it can have better flexibility and is often used to complete some difficult movements.

Because the rc stunt car has a certain degree of operability, it is more suitable for children aged three and above to play, of course, including adults, because many people like this kind of toys, and there is no age limit for its use.

For example, the following remote control stunt car, it is the most classic design and also the most popular remote control stunt car. It has two motors and LED headlights, 2.4GHz remote control operation, and the distance can be up to 40 meters. It’s the perfect RC car gift for kids.

Best RC Stunt Car 360

Best RC Stunt Car 360

Uniqueness of RC Stunt Car 360

The body adheres to the design of high appearance and sense of technology, the body shell is fashionable and atmospheric, and the remote control operation experience is smooth. It is an excellent remote control product.

Unique Features of RC Stunt Cars:

  1. The RC stunt car can not only run, go forward, backward, turn right, turn left, but also roll and rotate 360 ​​degrees, like a gyroscopic motion.
  2. Double-sided flip driving is possible on this electric remote control stunt car for a different gaming experience. Two people drive side by side, traverse obstacles with ease, and are suitable for all-terrain running.
  3. The body has light effects, and it can be transformed into a light wizard when playing at night, giving children a better visual experience.
  4. At the same time, thanks to the design of the 360 two-way tires of the remote control stunt car, it can also suddenly reverse in fast movements, turning the toy car into a dancing car in an instant. The remote control stunt car is a toy that allows children to experience real thrills.

The remote control stunt car is also a remote control car, so it has the functions of a traditional remote control car, but also has some unique functions, usually children prefer remote control stunt cars when they are playing.

RC Stunt Car 360 Pros and Cons


  • The remote control stunt car is suitable for competitions on roads, lawns, snow, rocks, sand and other venues. It is more extensive than traditional remote control cars and can easily deal with off-road terrain. With its own structural advantages, it is more suitable for carrying when traveling, and it is also a must-have outdoor remote control stunt car.
  • Equipped with 2 powerful electric motors, with high-quality soft anti-collision durable rubber tires, it has better performance in shock absorption, grip, anti-skid, etc., and is not afraid of slippery roads. With the help of the remote control, quick turns, quick spins, drifts, 360° flips and more can be achieved.
  • The RC stunt car uses high-quality ABS plastic and advanced electronic components on the material to ensure material safety and structural safety.
  • The 2.4GHZ anti-interference remote control device allows you to operate different remote control stunt cars at the same time without being disturbed. It also supports one-button stunt function, which can realize long-distance remote control, up to 40 meters away.
  • Strong body construction, sturdy body and wear-resistant track tires make it very durable, can withstand all kinds of bumps and move perfectly on it, providing you and your child with a realistic racing and perfect off-road experience.


  • Affected by the 360 ​​structure of the remote control stunt car, the moving speed of the toy is not as fast as imagined, because its tires are thicker, which reduces the moving speed while improving the off-road performance.
  • Compared with the traditional remote control car, the remote control stunt car consumes more power because it has two powerful motors working on it, but for children, 20 minutes of off-road experience is enough.

If you need the unique functions of the RC stunt car 360 and want better speed, then you can take a look at this “High-Speed RC Cars” below, which not only has the unique functions of the rc stunt car, but also has high-speed moving features, and it is rechargeable.

High-Speed RC Cars


Buying a remote control stunt car 360 for children is more to let children get the experience of off-road racing, develop their hands-on thinking, coordinate the development of hands and brains, and make more children fall in love with sports.

Generally, children who like to play with remote control stunt cars will have better physical fitness than ordinary people, because they like sports since they were young, and they are more willing to solve things with their hands.

If you or your kids like RC stunt cars, buy one as a gift, I think it’s a very nice thing.

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