Toys are essential companions for children. They provide a source of entertainment and help promote the development of children’s minds.

Children in early childhood have many hobbies, and toys are also indispensable in the growth process of every child. Some children like cars, some children like building blocks, and some children like electronic toys, and some parents can’t choose for a while, so how do you pick Toys for children?

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Pay Attention To Health and Safety

The safety of your child is of the utmost importance. When choosing toys for their children, parents must ensure that the materials used are safe, non-toxic, and free of any strange smells. Young children like to put things in their mouths, and toys with unknown materials and potential safety hazards should never be bought.

tough toy

When parents Pick Toys for their children, they should pay attention to the hygiene indicators and safety common sense of toys. You should Pick Toys with good quality and no odor. Don’t Pick Toys that are too small or too hard.

In addition, pay attention to whether the toy’s appearance has sharp or thorny places, check carefully, and do not accidentally hurt the child.

Pick Toys According To The Gender of The Child

Choosing toys based on your child’s gender can nurture their gender advantage. Of course, you can also choose according to your child’s preferences.

But in general, boys like sports and gun toys. Such as various toy guns, various racing toys (including dinosaur remote control cars, 360 flip cars, etc.). Girls prefer to take care of people and dress up. They can choose from Barbie dolls, plush toys or a doctor’s set. These toys foster love and responsibility in children.

Because of young children’s rapid cognitive and social development, children should be kept interested. The color, texture, and shape of toys are most important for very young children, while toys for older children have social aspects of being considered.

Choose Toys According To The Age of The Child

Children Aged 0-2

At this time, the child belongs to the sensory-motor stage. Children rely on sensory movements to adapt to the external world. They can Pick Toys that can make sounds, are brightly colored, and are easy to operate, such as rattles, teethers, hand drums, and toys that can be pushed away. Miniature trains, etc., children of this age group like to repeat; these toys can exercise children’s muscle strength.

You can buy cloth or hole books for children, teaching them to recognize colors, fruits, vehicles, and small animals.


Children have a particular ability to control their bodies, and their specific image thinking begins to develop. They can choose scooters, bicycles with auxiliary wheels, basketballs, and other toys for children. These toys can be a good exercise for children’s balance, control, and willpower.

You can also buy some picture books for children. Hard books are not easy for children to tear. After reading it to your child a few times, you can ask him to look at the picture and say it. This can not only exercise the child’s language expression ability, but also enrich the child’s image and cultivate the ability of concrete image thinking.


At this time, it is a sensitive period for children’s identity confirmation. Children like to play various roles to satisfy their curiosity. The game they especially like to play is playing house, so parents can purchase toys for their children who represent different roles and occupations, such as dolls, doctor tools, police cars, etc.

Kids & Roll provides advice and helps mothers educate their children. The content is aimed at the play and education of children of different ages. There are corresponding suggestions, as well as some guiding purchase suggestions for unique toys, etc., which can meet the needs of most people with children.

Pick Toys

Which Toys To Avoid

Toys With Intensely Flashing Eyes

Many toys are on the market now, which are lifelike and have glowing eyes. This kind of doll will be a little scary for adults, let alone children, and children’s eyesight is not fully developed when they are young, which will hurt children. Vision health.

Toys With Scary Sound Effects

Most children are timid. Faced with toys that can make scary sounds, children will feel panic in their hearts, hurting their physical and mental health for a long time.

Toys That Do Not Match The Age of The Child

Children will have corresponding toys for each age group, but two situations may occur if they play with toys unsuitable for their age group. First, the child’s brain cannot be exercised, and the second child feels that the difficulty of toys is too great, hurt the child’s self-confidence.

These tips will help you pick out the best toys for kids. I hope you can refer to it and collect it!

Mistakes That Are Prone To Occur When Choosing Toys

Too much emphasis on early education’s function, strengthening children’s knowledge! Don’t play with toys with purpose! Everything you play before kindergarten must be separated from education! Their parents destroy most children’s IQ, emotional, and adversity quotient! Comparing is too heavy!

The problem of positioning is not what you can learn by playing with toys, but mainly by cultivating concentration! Building blocks can best develop children’s creative ability! There is no need to buy a particular variety, the easiest way to let children develop their brains! For example, when reading picture books, the positioning is not to recognize words, but to develop the habit of reading, to focus on listening! Don’t limit children, don’t limit children with static thinking mode! Believe that your child is the best in the world!

Do not attack the enthusiasm of children; often scold and reprimand children! Don’t be a controlling parent. Minimize what your children do wrong and expand what they do right! Don’t let your kids get frustrated! People’s instinct is to pick faults, and it is easy to talk about the wrong places in children! Praise when you are right, and guide when you are wrong! Don’t get used to wordless words! When a lot of encouragement children!

If you have family or friends struggling to pick toys, tell them. You’ve mastered enough skills to choose the perfect gift for your child!

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