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Which Pampers Baby Diapers Series is Better?

There are many diaper brands on the market today, and everyone’s choices are also different.

Among the many diaper brands, Pampers baby diapers have always been favored by mothers. It is one of the best baby diapers brands and has become the first choice of many mothers.

The reason why Pampers diapers are so popular is not just their absorbent and comfortable fit.

And it is also divided into 4 series, each series has different characteristics, so Pampers diapers are called “best baby diapers” by many mothers.

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The pros and cons of the 5 series of Pampers diapers and recommendations for purchasing.

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Where do Pampers Diapers Come From?

The concept of the Pampers brand was born in the 1950s, when chemical engineer Victor Mills, who was working at Procter & Gamble, was looking for a better way to change diapers for his grandson.
The first Pampers disposable diapers were shipped in 1961. According to Procter & Gamble, its products are used by 25 million babies in 100 countries.

What are Pampers Diapers?

Pampers diapers are a series of baby hygiene products launched by Procter & Gamble in the United States. They have the characteristics of good water absorption and comfortable wearing.
Officially introduced to the market in 1961, it was greeted by ecstatic mothers and their babies.
In the process of development, “Pampers” has become the world’s No. 1 baby diaper brand that sells well in more than 100 countries around the world after many improvements by Procter & Gamble, and it is also the best baby diaper trusted by many mothers.

How about Pampers Diapers?

As a well-known baby hygiene product under P&G, Pampers diapers have unique advantages in terms of material, workmanship and design.
For more details about Pampers, please refer to: How about Pampers diapers?

Model and Range of Pampers Diapers?

There are many types of Pampers diapers, and there are different models in different series.
The models of Pampers diapers are divided according to the weight range:

pampers baby diapers
size N is suitable for babies weighing more than 5kg, size 1 is suitable for babies weighing 4 to 6kg, size 2 is suitable for babies weighing 5 to 8kg, and size 3 is suitable for babies. 7 to 13kg, size 4 is suitable for babies weighing 10 to 17kg, size 5 is suitable for babies weighing over 12kg, and size 6 is suitable for babies weighing over 16kg.

Judging from the series of Pampers diapers: the sizes of the Swaddlers series are P-XS, PS and 0123456 (the first two are for premature babies); the Pure series are 0123456 and 1 and 2; the Cruisers series are for active Babies are generally bigger, so the size range is 34567; Cruisers360° is 34567; Baby dry series is 0123456.

What Series does Pampers Diapers have?


Swaddlers focuses on “care for newborns” and is specially designed for newborn babies. It is very soft and breathable. It is the softest diaper ever made by Pampers, and it is also the first choice for many expectant mothers to store diapers for their newborn babies.
Swaddlers have the best leak-proof effect, not only the height of the side design is relatively high, but also the double leak-proof barrier it has can better avoid easy leakage. Because the poop of a newborn baby is relatively thin, such a design brings a very high sense of experience, both in terms of the mother’s cleanliness and the baby’s own comfort.
The front design of the Swaddlers waist takes good care of the baby’s belly button, ensuring that the baby’s belly button and its surroundings are exposed to air and kept dry, so as to avoid the baby’s discomfort due to moisture or cold around the belly button.
Swaddlers has a Wetness Indicator. When the humidity indicator turns from yellow to blue, it means that parents should change diapers for the baby. This design is not familiar with when the newborn baby needs to be changed. For novice parents who are not wet, it is like a life-saver.
In addition, the newborn baby’s skin is relatively delicate and needs a diaper that is close to the body and has excellent water absorption. The ultra-soft water-absorbing layer of this product can protect and soothe the baby’s skin well, and can avoid the baby’s red buttocks as much as possible. wait for the situation to happen. The elastic design of the thigh part also wraps the buttocks of the newborn baby very well, which is close-fitting and comfortable.
As such, Swaddlers are our top picks for newborn baby diapers.


Pure diapers are designed to help keep your baby’s skin dry and healthy, helping your baby lock in moisture for up to 12 hours, providing your baby with excellent skin-friendly care.
Pure absorbent botanical lining enriched with nourishing shea butter to better protect baby’s delicate skin.
The outer layer of Pure is made of high-quality cotton, which makes it softer and more breathable, and will not make the baby feel stuffy in the buttocks, avoiding the baby’s red butt problem caused by poor breathability.
Pure diapers are hypoallergenic, 0% chlorine bleach, fragrance, paraben and latex*, and do not add any fragrance substances, pure natural and non-irritating to care for your baby’s skin.
The humidity indicator of Pure Protection diapers can remind parents and mothers to change diapers for babies in time, which not only reduces the waste of diapers, but more importantly, it can greatly improve the comfort of babies, sleep peacefully, grow healthily, and avoid Because the diapers are not changed in time, it will bring discomfort to the baby’s buttocks.


Cruisers are mainly designed for babies who are more active and like to crawl around and run around. In particular, the design of the thighs takes into account the lively and active characteristics of the baby, and the fit does not feel too tight, allowing the baby to play easily and freely.
Cruisers are gentle on baby’s skin, hypoallergenic, free from parabens and latex, and won’t cause irritation to baby’s skin.
Cruisers’ soft, stretchy sides provide a comfortable and secure fit, and dual leak-proof barriers gently seal around baby’s legs to protect the most leak-prone locations.
The Cruisers leak-proof side design is of average height, but by comparison, its thigh leak-proof wrap and stretch are the best among Pampers diapers.
Cruisers come in 100% recyclable boxes that can be easily opened without a box cutter.
Designed for the most active babies, the Cruisers collection is the best baby diaper for active babies.

Cruisers 360°

Cruisers 360° provide an excellent fit and protection for active babies, and unlike other regular tape diapers, this line of products has a waistband that stretches around the waist for a 360° gap-free fit without gaps on your baby’s back.
The new version of Cruisers 360° is more elastic, it can be ripped off the side, it is easier to fold and throw away, because it has blue strips, so that the pamper can be discarded with gold plating.
Cruisers 360° can lock in moisture for up to 12 hours, helping to keep your baby’s skin healthy.
Cruisers 360° is not only suitable for newborn babies, but also for toddlers. According to the lively and active characteristics of toddlers, this diaper has undergone multiple improvements to design a 360° fit protection that will not rub the baby’s Thighs and abdomen, escort the growth of the baby.
Cruisers 360° is the best baby diaper for toddlers and the best choice for many toddler moms.

Baby Dry

Baby Dry is the number one diaper recommended by pediatricians.
Baby Dry has a very strong absorption capacity, and ordinary diapers have only two layers of absorption, while the Baby Dry series is designed with three layers of absorption.
Baby dry’s middle cotton layer is the thickest in the Pampers diaper line.
Baby Dry is very absorbent, leakproof and can hold more, so many mothers consider it the best night diaper.
Baby Dry is very breathable and keeps air circulating around the baby’s skin all night long.
Baby Dry is considered by many to be the best baby diaper at the best price in the Pampers range.

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