Newborn Black and White Cards – Sensory Training

newborn black and white cards

Key points

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  • Black and white cards designed specifically for newborns.
  • Helps promote vision development in babies and toddlers.
  • A powerful learning tool for babies.
  • Activates early brain development.

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About The Newborn Black and White Cards

An adult’s world is colorful, but a baby’s world is all black and white.

When babies are born, their vision is blurred, and all they see is a blur in front of them. At full term, they can see up to 20-30 cm, and at around three months, their field of vision can reach 180°. However, babies do not have color vision until they are three months old.

So, shouldn’t we teach babies under three months to recognize anything?

The answer is no. As the saying goes, a newborn’s brain is like a blank sheet of paper. It is important to introduce sufficient and appropriate sensory stimulation at different stages of a baby’s development to promote the development of a rich internet of brains.

black and white cards for newborns

The wide variety of black and white sensory cards look interesting enough to attract your baby’s visual attention, promote their visual neurodevelopment and brain development, and simultaneously provide you with plenty of opportunities to observe your baby’s developing vision.

Nowadays, black and white sensory cards are designed to suit the developmental characteristics of children at different ages, making it easy for parents to choose according to the actual needs of their child.

Please don’t underestimate the power of these simple cards; they are made of environmentally friendly materials and are only visually stimulating, not eye-stimulating.

Your child will be introduced to letters, numbers, animals, shapes, and much more with the black-and-white sensory cards, a great opportunity to start seeing the world and a great tool to get your child’s eyes and brain working.

The Effect of Newborn Black and White Cards on Babies

You may be wondering what the benefits of newborn black and white cards are for babies. How can such a simple arrangement of designs be such an important part of your baby’s visual development, and why not show your newborn the colorful cards? What is the mystery here?

Visual Stimulation

Simple black-and-white sensory cards stimulate your baby’s optic nerve development during their black-and-white visual period.

Colour Discrimination

As your baby’s world goes from blurred to clear, from black and white to colorful, black and white sensory cards should be used when they cannot see colors and then gradually teach them more colors as they grow.

Early Learning Tools

Let your baby’s eyes move with the cards, and teach them to recognize simple patterns, animals, etc. Simple cards are designed to be portable and can be placed next to the bed, on the table, in the pram, etc., to allow for learning activities when your baby wants them.

Brain Development

As an early learning toy, it is a wonderful way to stimulate the development of your baby’s eyes and brain. The process of recognizing the cards activates brain development and builds memory.


The black and white sensory card is too valuable as a cost-effective educational toy for children to ignore.

Yes! Children can gain a lot, and parents can use this toy to start great activities with their children and enhance their bond.

The birth of a child can bring a lot of joy to a family, and providing your child with toys and exercises that will help them develop is something parents should do as well.