How to Put a Baby to Sleep in 40 Seconds

How to Put a Baby to Sleep in 40 Seconds

Key points

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  • Adequate sleep is the key to a healthy baby.
  • Staying with your baby and gently patting and soothing him is a good way to get him to sleep quickly.
  • Buy the right soothing toy for your child to hold and put to sleep.

How can I get my child to sleep quickly? Such a question is asked by all parents who have just got their little one.

So, how do we get our babies to sleep within 1 minute?

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How to Get a Newborn Baby to Sleep

A newborn baby’s falling asleep is the easiest and requires little to no work from the parents.

Babies can sleep up to twelve hours after birth and, in some cases, even longer. It is common for them to eat and sleep and wake up to eat, so mothers and fathers can sleep without worrying about their children.

However, this does not mean that nothing needs to be done.

When the child wakes up at night, parents must promptly feed and change the baby’s nappy. Then, gently pat and soothe your baby to get them back to sleep.

Please note that it is normal for babies to cry when they first wake up from sleep. You should check on them as soon as they cry, but do not pick them up immediately. They may fall back to sleep after a short period of crying.

Ways to Fall Asleep for Older Babies

Babies have different needs at each stage, and the following 5 tips will help your baby fall asleep fast

1. Sleep environment.

Get your newborn to sleep fast

No matter how old your child is, they need a comfortable environment to fall asleep in. We can try to reduce the brightness of the lights when your baby is drowsy. If your baby likes it, you can play soft music or tell them a story they like. Let your baby fall asleep to the sounds of songs and stories.

If your baby is sleeping close to a toy, you can move the toy away from your baby for a while or let your baby rest in a different environment. This is because it is not certain that the toy will not distract your child (except for soft toys). If your child is used to sleeping with a particular doll, do not force them to separate.

2. Staying with your child.

Studies have shown that a mother’s presence makes her baby sleep more soundly and for longer. Yes, most babies are afraid of being alone and will cry for their mum to be by their side before they go to bed.

Before your baby has an independent sense of sleep, try to do your best to sleep with mum so that your baby not only feels secure enough psychologically but also sleeps more peacefully.

If mum has things to do, she can choose to leave quietly after her baby is asleep, which will also give your child a good sense of security.

3. Go to sleep at a regular time.

Babies tend to sleep late and are difficult to put to sleep until they have developed a regular sleep routine. So, how can you help your child develop good sleep habits?

Firstly, don’t let your child sleep day and night. If they sleep longer during the day, they will naturally not want to go to bed at night. Increase your child’s activity time during the day and play with them to reduce their sleep so they can easily fall asleep at night.

Secondly, mothers can put their babies to bed at regular times. When your child doesn’t feel like going to sleep, tell a story or play a lullaby to help them fall asleep. Getting your child ready for bed may be difficult at first, but trust me, your child will get used to it after a few days.

Yes! It is a gradual process, and you will need to be patient.

4. Giving your baby the right amount of reassurance.

Getting your baby to fall asleep independently when they are very young is almost impossible. Gently pat your baby to increase their sense of security. Or let your child fall asleep holding their favorite toy, such as a plush doll, which will enhance their sense of security and promote sleep.

soothe toy

5. Be a good role model.

Parents are the first teachers of their children. What you may not realize is that your parents’ routine has an impact on your baby. If you want your baby to go to bed early, parents should first develop good habits and set an example. Only then will babies learn from their parents, rest on time and go to bed well.


That’s all there is to know about how to get your baby to sleep quickly! Parents can choose by taking into account the actual situation of their children.

Of course, in addition to what I mentioned, a comfortable sleeping position and the comfort of the bed are also important factors that affect your child’s ability to fall asleep.

Sleeping is a learning curve for babies, as only adequate sleep can make them grow up healthy.