16 Fun Beach Toys & Gear for Vacation – Kids & Adults

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Every child loves to play with toys, and it was fun to explore them when you were a kid. You can share your beach fun journey with your friends by purchasing beach toys from Amazon.

Beach toys are the perfect gift for kids and adults. They can be used for many different activities, such as playing with sand, blowing bubbles, throwing endless water balloons, or just gazing at the blue sky.

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Fun beach toys are fun for all ages and every beach will have something to enjoy. Here is a list of some of the most popular toys that you can create on your own or buy at a store.

Why Fun Beach Toys?

We know people are addicted to the joy and excitement of the beach. Even if you’re not a tourist taking advantage of your vacation, there are still plenty of fun things to do on the beach. We love being at the beach, so that’s why we love fun beach toys!

We all know the importance of fun and relaxation time, but we often forget that fun and relaxation can be found in different places like the beach. Every time, I see people playing with beach toys. I remember when I was a kid, my mother used to take me to the beach and let me play with shells and sticks. Those toys are so much fun!

Playing with beach toys is fun that involves using objects or objects to play games or in a way that involves imagination. Playing with beach toys can be thought of as some kind of creative thought process based on creativity, imagination, and fun.

Not only is it fun to be creative, but it’s also a way to spend time with family and friends. This is the best summer activity for kids to give them a chance to explore themselves and their world.

When you and your children are on the beach, blowing the sea breeze and listening to the waves, you will find that everything is better than you think. If your kids have fun beach toys at this time, you’ll find your beach trips so wonderful and memorable. Let the editor recommend a few fun beach toys to you!

fun beach toys
Yes, this fun beach toys set has tons of different toys that are colorful and varied and will bring a lot of joy to your child. Your child can build with shovels, rakes like excavators and carry sand. It can be castles, rivers, mountains, etc. What you build is entirely up to your child’s ideas. Of course, your child can also build a variety of marine creatures through colorful molds, and learn and recognize them in the process of playing.

This set of fun beach toys has enough variety to keep your kids busy all day. But don’t worry about storage, it comes with a sturdy mesh bag so your kids can take them to any beach.

Top Race Beach Toys Ice Cream Playset
Take it home! Let your kids have their own ice cream parlor by the sea. Brightly colored, sturdy and fun, these fun beach toys will bring unexpected joy to your child’s beach trip. It has a sand bucket to hold various ice cream models, of course your child can also use this bucket to carry sand, stones or shells. With it, your kids can imaginatively create delicious meals on the beach or play pretend ordering ice cream. Most importantly, its material is safe and suitable for children.

Beach Toy Castle Model
Are your kids fond of building sand castles on the beach, and even if they try, it often ends up being frustrating because the result may look more like a pile of sand than a grand castle. Nevermind, these fun beach toys will help you make building your castle easier. This fun beach toys set is full of 27 toys, it not only has castle molds, but also other decorative molds and some tools to help build the castle, of course, it also has a mesh beach bag for storage. With it, your child can build their own castle on the beach according to their own imagination and realize their fairy tale dreams.

Beach Baking Toys
If your kids are keen on baking, try this one, it’s the same as mom’s baking stuff, but it’s super cute. When you bring home these fun beach toys, your child can pretend to make all kinds of baked goods on the beach, which is a great opportunity to exercise your child’s hand-eye coordination. Of course, it’s not just for the beach, it can also add joy to your kid’s park, backyard, water games.

Beach Party Toys
How can a hot summer day be short of a beach party? come on! Your kids will not be disappointed, these fun beach toys will help them have a great beach party. Everyone loves to use water guns on hot summer days, and they also want a pair of sunglasses to help avoid the sun, and as it happens, these fun beach toys can do it all. It’s like a magic bag with toys that kids and adults will love, and the size of the toy helps fill the gift bag, making it the party favor of choice for many.

Beach Diving Toys
Take it home and don’t let happy hour go away. That’s right, it’s a great mix of swimming fun, and plenty of diving toys for the whole family. You can take it with you on your beach trip and you’re bound to be pleasantly surprised. Your kids can also throw them into the pool and compete underwater to catch the most toys for a busy water game. This set of fun beach toys is a lot, but it has mesh pouches to help organize and allow the toys to dry out before the next use.

Beach Catch Toys
How can you play by the sea without catching toys, if your child likes to catch small animals in the waves, this is the best choice. It is a transparent aquarium, with it, your child can not only capture marine life, but also observe it up close. The process of capturing will allow your child to experience the joy of harvesting, and of course, will also generate their own insights, so that marine life is not just animals that appear on electronic screens. These fun beach toys are very light weight, choose this if you often take your kids to the beach.

Beach Floating Toy
It’s a giant inflatable ball that floats on the water like a raft, unlike a swimming ring. You and your kids can ride it on the water, whether in the sea or in the pool, and it will give you the feeling of being in a boat. Of course, you and your child can also take it to surf the beach and enjoy the joy of the waves. It should be noted that please let your child use it under the supervision of parents.

Beach Water Gun Toy
How can summer be short of fun water pistol toys, especially a trip to the beach. Boys or girls, no matter what age, there is no child who does not like to play in the water. The fun beach toys are 6 colorful water guns that are brightly colored and placed together like a rainbow. It has no cistern and can play its best role in swimming pool, ocean. And it’s easy to operate, even for small children. Best of all, this fun beach toys is so light that it can float on the water without worrying about losing it.

Beach Ball
Aren’t confused, just plain ball. But not so, this is a great ball that can be played in water, on the beach and many more. This fun beach toys has a total of 10 colorful inflatable balls, which are the best for decoration or play. Your child can chase it in the water or have fun on the beach, either way, it will give your child a lot of exercise and is very friendly for energetic kids. Surprisingly, it’s almost perfectly sized so toddlers can play together.

Beach Bag
I think you must need something that can help you bring your toys to the beach with ease. Trust me, choose this, you won’t be disappointed. This is a premium mesh beach bag that’s very tough and has enough room that you’ll even cheer for its carrying. It can not only hold all kinds of fun beach toys, but also snacks, sunscreen, etc., so that your children can play happily and save a lot of space for you. To its credit, its mesh design allows sand to drain easily, and having it makes it easy to keep your hands free.

Beach Swimming Ring
Swimming is a must for summer fun, this is a cute fruit swim ring, it must be the best gift if your child loves to swim. It’s very soft and thick, it lasts for a long time with a single air charge, and it holds up well for both adults and children. It is important to note that please ensure that children use it under the supervision of an adult.

Mini Surfboard
Considered by some to be the best beach toy ever, your child can toss it into the waves and the waves will carry it back to your child. Watching the waves hit it will make your child scream with joy and enjoy the pounding of the continuous waves. These fun beach toys are a creative gift for your child and will provide your child with hours of fun at the beach, even if it’s simple to assemble.

Activ Life Kids Fly Ring
As you can see, this is a good fly ring. It’s light enough to fly with ease, and in windy conditions it can make the flywheel a little difficult to control, but that’s not a problem. The hole in the middle of the fly ring is convenient for your child to grab creatively with hands or feet. These clever designs make the playing process more interesting. You can toss on the beach with your child, or play a game. If your kids feel it, they will love it.

Beach Blanket Sandproof
Made from durable ripstop nylon, this beautifully colored sand-resistant beach blanket is an outdoor sand-resistant material that will keep you warm and dry. It comes with 6 metal stakes in a pouch, four of which you can use to secure the blanket, and two are spares.

They are waterproof, washable in the washing machine, and they are durable and last longer. They are lightweight so you can take them with you and use them for a variety of outdoor sports. It is a real camping accessory for you and your friends or family when you are hanging out in the garden or on the beach.

Children's Beach Tent
If you and your kids are going on a beach trip, you will definitely need the escort of a children’s beach tent. On the one hand, it protects you and your family from the sun’s UV rays; on the other hand, it is also a comfortable rest area that can serve you comfortably when you and your children are tired. This beach tent is very spacious and can accommodate 2-3 people, and it is easy to assemble and fold, and the cute shape has won the favor of many children.

How to Choose Fun Beach Toys?

Facing the ocean, spending a day on the beach can be fulfilling and fun for little ones, and having fun beach toys can double that joy infinitely. So how to choose fun beach toys? Please refer to a few points:

Safe and Non-toxic

When choosing fun beach toys, try to choose products from regular manufacturers for your child, and read the product description carefully before buying to see if it contains harmful substances.

Good Quality

There will be some stones, shells, etc. on the beach, and the sand itself is relatively heavy, so when choosing fun beach toys, you should choose the stronger ones as much as possible. Only in this way can they withstand heavy sand and ensure that the toys themselves will not be roughened by the sand. Texture damage.

Lightweight and Portable

When choosing fun beach toys, choose the ones that are light and easy to carry as much as possible. On the one hand, the sand itself is relatively heavy. If the fun beach toys are also bulky, it will affect the child’s play experience. On the other hand, lightweight and portable beach toys are convenient for your child to carry around.

Meet Children's Needs

No matter what type of toy you are choosing, be sure to choose the right one according to your baby’s age, personality, gender, etc. Don’t blindly follow others, if this is the case, it will not only bring a bad game experience to your child, but also lose the value of the toy itself.


A successful toy is a toy that is entertaining and educational at the same time. When you choose fun beach toys, you can choose toys with more possibilities, which not only provide your children with ample opportunities to use their hands and brains, but also train their imagination and creativity.