9 Best Children’s Building Blocks (2022 Reviews)

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Key points

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  • Children’s building blocks promote brain development and exercise the result of a range of skills.
  • If you want to see the best Building blocks in one place, then you’ll LOVE this (updated) guide.
  • We have personally tested and reviewed 9 kids’ blocks suitable for all ages.
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Our Top Picks


Magnetic Building Blocks Toys



Mini Tudou Baby Blocks


Children’s blocks are recognized as the best toys for developing children’s minds. They are the first choice for many families.

The blocks on the market usually consist of cubes of different shapes and can be wooden or plastic. They will have some pictures or other decorations on their surface, and babies can arrange them through their imagination.

This is a perfect creative toy. You can exercise the baby’s hands and imagination by building different shapes.

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Best Building Blocks for Childrens

Best Blocks Toys: LTKFFFdp Magnetic Blocks Toys

The magnetic building block toy Construction Set is at the top of our list (also for the United States and the United Kingdom). With new and upgraded materials and accessories, it is the best choice for children and teenagers.

Kids can build significant structures by stacking them; they never get old. Interact and play with friends and family to stimulate children’s imagination and creativity. Helps develop children’s teamwork skills.

Durable and safe ABS material for long-lasting life. With rounded edges, you don’t have to worry about harming your child during the stacking process. It’s all about the safety of your child!

Take it home! Creative toys are the best holiday, Christmas, and New Year gifts for kids.
Magnetic Blocks Toys

LTKFFFdp Magnetic Blocks Toys

Best for Babies: Mini Tudou Baby Blocks

This is a very soft children’s building blocks set, it has twelve blocks, which are made up of twelve cubes of the same size. Each block is printed with a different embossed pattern on the side, with numbers, fruits, animals and geometric patterns, etc.

Parents can use this building block to teach their babies to recognize fruits and animals, and they can also use the numbers on the top to perform mathematical calculations. Learning in the game will help enhance the baby’s memory. It is a very good early education tool.

The most important point is that this building block is very soft and made of food-grade silicone. When the baby squeezes it, it can make a sound, and at the same time, it can let the baby bite and play, meeting the needs of the baby’s oral appetite, and it is also a good comforter Toy, perfect for babies from 6 to 12 months.
Mini Tudou Baby Blocks

Mini Tudou Baby Blocks

The Most Classic: Prextex150 Classic Building Turn

This is the most classic Children’s building blocks toy, it consists of 150 colorful blocks. It is available in five colors of green, blue, yellow, red and orange, and is available in square and rectangular bricks in shape.

Babies can build a lot of things through their imagination, and they can also be classified according to different shapes and colors, which helps the baby’s intellectual development. This playset is made of high-quality lead-free material, which is very safe and durable.

This set of toys is given to babies as gifts by many parents. It is the most original building block toy, and almost every child will have it in childhood.

Children's Building Blocks

Prextex150 Classic Building Turn

Best Pick: LEGO DUPLO Classic Deluxe Brick Box

This is a LEGO blocks box of 85 colorful blocks that is perfect for younger kids. When your child has it, no matter how long, you can rest assured that you don’t need it at all but your baby is safe.

This LEGO building blocks is very sturdy and comes in enough shapes and colors to give your baby more possibilities. With it, babies can play continuously and fully exercise their hand-brain coordination ability.

When babies use their imagination to create, their brains become more flexible and their intellectual development is promoted.

This LEGO brick is slightly larger than normal, and is sized to fit your baby’s small hands, making it easy for them to build things. Some parents even say it’s the perfect toy, and if they could only own one, it would be their first choice.

LEGO DUPLO Building Blocks

LEGO DUPLO Classic Deluxe Brick Box

Most Popular: Mega Bloks First Builders

This is a very popular Children’s building blocks, it consists of 80 different shaped blocks, each block is a classic solid color, together to form a colorful block set.

It is very suitable for preschool children to play, the size is convenient for small hands to grasp, and it can exercise their finger flexibility very well. It is a good hands-on game for children.

Parents can play with the baby, splicing different things, and increase the baby’s cognition. It is a toy that can interact with the baby.

It also comes with a storage bag, which is convenient for storage after playing, without worrying about taking up too much space at home.

Mega Bloks First Builders

Mega Bloks First Builders

Most Creative: LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

This creative building block box is very worth buying. It has 484 pieces of creative particles, which can provide enough choices for the baby, so that the baby has enough “stage” to display their talents.

It can assemble shapes such as trains with chimneys, windmills, tigers and flowers, or let your baby build with their imagination, the building block set has enough to let your baby get anything they want by building. If conditions permit, you can also let the baby and the small partner have a creative competition, which is more effective in stimulating their creativity.

This set of toys is completely unnecessary, but the baby will not be interested. The colorful toys are enough to arouse their interest. Parents can play with the baby and praise them constantly in the game. Develop their patience.

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

Strongest: Melissa & Doug Wooden Block Set

This is a building block set consisting of 100 colorful solid wood blocks. It is very resistant to falling and can allow your baby to hit it hard without cracking. Although these building blocks are made of wood, they are very light in weight and easy for babies to operate. The edges of the building blocks are rounded and there are no sharp corners, which is very safe for babies.

This Children’s building blocks set is a classic educational toy for kids, it comes in 4 different colors and also includes nine different shapes like rectangular prism, cube, cylinder, etc. Specially designed for children aged 2 and above, it provides ample possibilities for them to build houses, castles, etc., so that babies have enough opportunities to develop their imaginations.

This building blocks set can be played by boys and girls, won the love of many parents, and is also called the best building block toy by many people.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Block Set

Melissa & Doug Wooden Block Set

Most Fun: PicassoTiles 3D Magnetic Building Blocks

This is a unique building block, which is different from the traditional Children’s building blocks shape. It consists of eight colored tiles of different colors. Each tile is highly transparent, which can give the baby a strong sense of color.

This Children’s building block is not only suitable for children, but also adults can play, it can also be built together by many people, it is a good toy to interact with family and friends, enhance feelings, and spend a good time. Because of the existence of magnets, this building block makes it very easy for the baby to splicing together, and it is also very convenient to disassemble.

Parents don’t have to worry about its safety, the magnets are completely enclosed in a plastic case, and the blocks themselves have no sharp corners. After splicing a shape, you can easily replace any of the above blocks without deforming the whole. This is the biggest feature that is different from traditional blocks.

PicassoTiles 3D Magnetic Building Blocks

PicassoTiles 3D Magnetic Building Blocks

Most Creative: Brickyard Toys

This is an educational toy set for kids with enough Children’s building blocks, wrenches, removable wheels and more.

Maybe you will feel strange, how the blocks have wrenches and wheels. With what it has, you can assemble all kinds of car toys, it’s like a dream for babies who love cars, they can’t even believe that there will be a toy that allows them to assemble car toys, completely solving the traditional The problem that the blocks cannot be moved.

These building blocks look colorful, the materials are non-toxic and harmless, and each piece has rounded corners, which are very safe for babies.

Brickyard Toys

Brickyard Toys

What to Look for in Building Sets and Blocks?

Develop intelligence

The formation of children’s building blocks is a process of continuous innovation, which is completely controlled by the baby. The baby can splicing according to the drawings of the building blocks, and can also freely play according to their own imagination. Babies need to constantly turn their brains to imagine the position of each building block, which can improve their spatial imagination and greatly help improve creativity and develop intelligence.

Exercise hands-on ability

When splicing building blocks, the baby can use both hands flexibly and place each building block in any position he wants. When the spliced shape becomes complicated, the baby will carefully move the next block, which can exercise the fine movements of the baby’s hands. Sometimes the baby will find a satisfactory one among the many building blocks, which will also invisibly exercise the baby’s hand-brain coordination ability and promote the baby’s overall development.

training concentration

When the baby is playing with children’s building blocks, he can assemble and disassemble continuously, enjoy the happiness brought by the building blocks, and completely indulge in his own little world without being disturbed. When the baby concentrates on playing with building blocks, it is very beneficial to the baby’s growth. On the one hand, it can cultivate the baby’s patience, and on the other hand, it can also train the baby’s concentration. The development of these good habits plays a very important role in the future study and life of the baby, which can make it easier for them to do things successfully.

Are Building Blocks Safe for Children?

First of all, no matter what kind of baby toy, it must be cleaned regularly, and the children’s building blocks are no exception. Although the building blocks themselves are small and there are many, it is relatively troublesome to clean. For your baby’s safety, be sure to clean it regularly.

For some younger babies, they cannot identify the danger in time. When playing with children’s building blocks, parents must accompany them to avoid some sharp corners stabbing the baby or accidentally eating some small building blocks.

After using the blocks, put them away in time. Most of these toys are relatively small. If they are not sorted out in time, the building blocks will be easily lost. Sometimes the building blocks that are accidentally stepped on the floor may fall over.

Building Blocks · Precautions for Purchase?

Material safety

The baby’s resistance is poor, and is in the sensitive period of oral, limb and light perception development. When buying children’s building blocks, you must first consider its safety. When purchasing, choose the ones produced by regular manufacturers as much as possible, which are non-toxic and harmless, and meet the national standard materials. In addition, try to choose wooden materials, which are more resistant to falling and will not be deformed or cracked due to impact.

meet baby's needs

Babies of different ages have different needs. The purpose of buying children’s building blocks is to let the baby learn knowledge through games and help the baby grow. According to the age of the baby, choose the one that meets their developmental needs. Only in this way can it play an educational role.

the right size

For younger babies, choose the appropriate size according to the size of the hand, so that it is convenient for the baby to grasp and assemble. Blocks that are too small can be a danger of being swallowed, and blocks that are too large to hold can make your baby impatient. Also, avoid choosing blocks with sharp edges and corners.