The Best Bumper Ball for Kids – Safety First, 2023 Reviews

bumper ball

Football, basketball, volleyball, water polo, there are many ball toys on the market that serve different purposes and bring joy to your child in different ways. Here we will introduce you to a fun and unique ball toy – Bumper Ball.

It has a variety of ways to play, and its playing style is also different from ordinary ball toys. If your child wants a bumper ball for everyday entertainment, here’s everything you need to know.

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What is Bumper Ball?

True to its name, this is an air-filled ball toy. It is so large that it can allow a person to stand or run in it. Your kids can bump into each other on the lawn like a slow bumper car, don’t worry, it’s safe. Bumper ball has many different names, such as: bumper bubble ball, bump ball bubble soccer, etc. Its name is as interesting as it is.

bumper ball

How to Play Inflatable Bumper Ball?

Bumper balls generally come in two sizes, adult and children’s. It can be played alone or with multiple people like a traditional bumper car or a bumper boat. There are also many ways to play it. You can use it to flip or collide with multiple people. Although this is a big ball, it is more flexible to use, and your child can also get more movement.

At what Age can Child use Bumper Balls?

In fact, there is no universally accepted age limit for the use of inflatable bumper balls. We can see that most businesses limit their age to 8 years old, of course, this is not set in stone, generally healthy people between 6-70 years old can play. It’s worth noting that please choose a children’s bumper ball for your young children, after all, adult ones are difficult for them to control anyway. Kids’ bumper bubble ball is lighter and easier to handle.

If you are learning about inflatable bumper balls and want to choose the right one to take home with your child. Check out our recommendations below, and here’s a list of our favorite kid-friendly bumper balls.

Best Bumper Ball for Kids

Best Bumper BallOMG! Rainbow Bumper Ball, is your child’s favorite? This is a multi-colored bumper bubble ball, each brightly colored to add a splash of color to your child’s fun life.

This is a durable inflatable bumper ball made of 0.3mm PVC, yes, it’s inflatable, but it doesn’t cause a lot of trouble. It stays on for a long time after inflating, bringing lasting happiness to your child. Surprisingly, it’s also known as a “portable bumper ball”, it’s so big when inflated, but when it’s deflated it can be folded on your back and easily put into a storage bag, which is great when you’re traveling or It is very convenient to go out to play. Be careful not to over-inflate.

It’s a great toy for adding fun to your child’s outdoor activities and a great tool for your child’s healthy activities. This is great for children over the age of 6, but this requires adult supervision.

Happybuy 2PCS Inflatable Bumper Ball

Inflatable Bumper BallYes, this is a two-pack of inflatable bumper balls for families with two kids. If your child is constantly arguing over a toy, choosing this will reduce the quarrel between them.

These are bump ball bubble soccers designed for long-term use, it is made of eco-friendly 0.8mm PVC. Not only durable, waterproof and anti-static, but also tasteless and not easily deformed. Most importantly, it is ergonomically designed with comfortable handles and adjustable shoulder straps, which greatly guarantee your child’s safety. If your child accidentally loses the handle while playing, don’t worry, the shoulder straps will keep them safe.

Best Bump Ball Bubble Soccer

Bump Ball Bubble SoccerColored bubble balls look more attractive, are you feeling helpless because your child is looking at the electronic screen for a long time, or worried because your child doesn’t like sports, if yes, this bumper bubble ball may be able to help you . Look here, this is an outdoor fun toy for kids ages 8-15.

Don’t underestimate this simple ball that will keep your child entertained for hours on a flat, smooth surface. If your child has this fun bumper ball, he can enjoy the freedom of bouncing, flipping and bumping like no other ball toy can give.

It is perfect for family games, parties, etc., I believe it will bring unexpected joy to your child. This is a good choice if you’re looking for a toy that will give your active child a lot of movement and fun.

Hurbo Inflatable Bumper Ball Bubble

Best Inflatable Bumper BallThis is a beautifully crafted and fun bumper bubble ball that comes in a variety of colors, so if you’re buying multiple for your family, you can choose a different color according to everyone’s preferences. Play with your family and you’ll have a bump ball bubble soccer.

Regarding the size of the ball, when inflated, the ball measures approximately 5 feet in diameter, ideal for children over eight years old and adults. It can be played in backyards, parks, etc. The more space there is, the more conducive it is to tumbling.

This is the best bumper ball, it has a good seal and stretch, and can be played in summer or winter. With it, your child will have plenty of outdoor activities.

YUEBO Bumper Bubble Soccer Balls

Bumper Bubble Soccer BallsWant to achieve bounce and collision freedom? Maybe all you need is a Bumper Bubble Soccer Balls. It’s a good value bumper bubble ball, and it’s built a lot more powerfully than some toys.

This toy is available in two sizes for adults and children, you can choose according to your child’s height and weight. It has an easy-to-grip handle and an adjustable seat belt to provide enough security for your child.

This bumper bubble ball is sturdy enough to be used multiple times and for a long time. therefore. It is considered a perfect birthday present. Take it home for your child and let them experience the joy of sports.

BANZAI Bump N Bounce Body Bumpers

BANZAI Bump N Bounce Body BumpersIf you want an inflatable bumper ball but can’t find the right product because the regular inflatable bumper is too big or too small for your child. This one can help you, this one is designed for 4-12 year olds. It comes in two different color designs and each one the kids love because they are bright enough. Let your kids experience a safe and fun collision game!

It is made of durable PVC, which is more durable than the same model of bumper ball. In addition to using it in the backyard, you can take it on trips. Play on the right sand, and the portable design allows the body bumper to be inflated at any time. Travel with it and you won’t miss a good time.

Precautions for Playing Inflatable Bumper Balls?

  1. When playing, try to use it on soft surfaces such as sand and lawn. Do not use it on a surface with rocks or sharp objects to prevent the bumper from being damaged.
  2. Do not play with keys, glasses and small sharp objects to avoid accidentally scratching the surface.
  3. Before use, please check whether the sealing of the bumper ball is in good condition, and whether the strap and handle are secure and firm.
  4. Please follow the instructions on the inflatable bumper ball, do not use it upside down.
  5. To ensure safety, children should use it under the supervision of adults, and try not to play alone.
  6. In order to prevent accidents and ensure a pleasant play process, please wear the strap and hold the handle tightly when using it.
  7. Do not use it in windy weather or when it is raining, it is dangerous.

How to Choose Bumper Ball?

There are many bumper balls on the market, so which bump ball bubble soccers are suitable for your child and are safer? Let’s take a look at how to choose the best bumper bubble ball for your child in daily life.


At the time of purchase, check the label carefully to make sure it meets national safety standards. Don’t buy products that are made of inferior materials or that are poorly crafted.


Most bumper balls are made of thicker PVC material, which is rigid and flexible and lasts a long time. Please don’t choose because it’s cheap, it can lead to disappointment in the process of playing.


Don’t choose toys that make your child uncomfortable, that’s a very bad experience. Even in an inflatable bumper ball, there should be freedom of body movement and the handlebars at a comfortable height. Remember, this is a tool for your child to be happy and feel at ease, not a yoke that binds you.


Check out how the bumper ball is inflated and deflated, how long it takes to inflate and deflate, and choose your preferred method to make sure it doesn’t drain your patience. In that case, playing is not something to be happy about.

The Right Size

Almost everything comes in a different size, and bump ball bubble soccers are no exception. If you are looking for your 8-10 year olds, children’s bumper balls are safer for them than adults.

Load Capacity

Some bumper bubble balls can also be used by adults, but some are not. If your child is a little older and you want to play with your child; or you don’t want to let it sit idle as your child grows, check the weight range it can carry and pay attention to the age range it can be used in.


As a friendly reminder, please give priority to inflatable bumper balls with inflatable pumps, it will save you a lot of effort. It would be even better to have a free storage bag, which will save you a lot of space and make storage a simple affair.


If you’re in dire need of a toy to give your child a lot of movement, a fun bumper ball is a great option. Give them a happy childhood while also giving them a chance to stay away from electronic screens. Don’t underestimate the role of bumper bubble ball, it can not only enhance your child’s athletic ability, improve immunity, but also make your child more lively and thinking more active.

Bumper Ball FAQs

A bumper ball is an air-filled ball toy that is large enough for a person to stand or run in.

Bumper balls can be played alone or with multiple people, similar to a traditional bumper car or bumper boat. There are many ways to play, including flipping and colliding with other players.

While there is no universally accepted age limit, most businesses recommend a minimum age of 8 years old. However, generally healthy individuals between the ages of 6-70 can play. It is important to choose a children’s bumper ball for young children, as they are lighter and easier to handle.

a. OMG! Rainbow Bumper Ball
– Multi-colored bumper bubble ball for added fun
– Suitable for children over the age of 6
– Requires adult supervision

b. BANZAI Bump N Bounce Body Bumpers
– Designed for 4-12 year olds
– Made of durable PVC
– Suitable for both backyard and travel use

It is recommended to play on soft surfaces such as sand or grass to prevent damage to the bumper ball. Avoid playing with keys, glasses, or small sharp objects that could scratch the surface. Before use, check the condition of the ball’s seal, strap, and handle. Children should always be supervised while playing and should wear the strap and hold the handle tightly for safety. It is not recommended to play in windy or rainy weather.

When choosing a bumper ball, it is important to prioritize safety and durability. Check that the product meets national safety standards and is made of high-quality materials.

Comfort is also important, so choose a bumper ball that allows for freedom of movement and has comfortable handlebars.

Consider the ease of inflation and deflation, as well as the size and load capacity of the ball.

Portable options with inflatable pumps and storage bags can also be convenient.

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