6 Best Bubble Blasters for Summer, Lightweight & Durable

Bubble Blasters

Children of almost all ages have had the idea of making their parents bubble up, and some parents may not understand this behavior, but it’s not uncommon. To be sure, every child will have a preference for bubble blasters, boys and girls alike.

It’s an easy thing to love bubbles, but blowing bubbles is a difficult thing for small children. If your child owns a bubble blasters, it makes everything easy, which is why bubble blasters are a good choice for most kids.

There are so many types of bubble blasters on the market that it can feel dizzying, in this article we will tell you everything about bubble blasters and recommend some of the best gear.

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About Bubble Blasters

Maybe no one can explain why they like to play with bubbles, obviously just a simple bubble. But when you see colorful bubbles in the sun, everyone will follow it involuntarily, which is probably the charm of bubbles.

Gone are the days of relying on blowing plastic rings to create air bubbles. Because people have developed a brand new tool that can easily generate large numbers of bubbles, there is no doubt that this is the much-loved bubble blasters. The bubble gun can generate a large number of bubbles in a short time, giving your child a fairy-tale bubble world. It is a very interesting children’s toy and is liked by many children.

6 Best Bubble Blasters

Find the best bubble blasters to make your child’s outdoor activities more fun. Below are our top six bubble blasters to help you find the perfect bubble gear for your child.

Whale Automatic Bubble Maker Blower

Bubble BlastersOMG! Are you surprised that there are such cute bubble blasters. However, it seems that no one in the world can resist cute things. No matter how old they are, many people fall in love with this bubble machine at the first sight. This is a bubble blasters with blue and pink whale look, the cute cartoon shape adds a little charm to them, and it is one of the reasons why many children prefer it.

This bubble gun is small enough to be kid-friendly even for young children, and can be easily packed in a bag and taken anywhere to play. Of course, it’s also a good choice as an Easter basket filler or other holiday gift.

Best of all, the bubble blasters are made of high quality material and they won’t leak, making them safe for toddlers too. If your child wants a bubble launcher of their own, this would be the best gift.

Bubble Guns Blaster Kit

Bubble Guns Blaster KitThis is an amazing bubble blasters, it comes in three different colors, it’s the best choice if you have several kids. This bubble shooter is specially designed for children’s small hands, making them very convenient to hold, your child just needs to gently pull the soft trigger to make it fire a burst of bubbles.

Your child can play in the park, shoot colorful bubbles, and keep chasing. If your child is going to a party or other event, this will be a good tool to adjust the atmosphere. Regarding safety, these bubble blasters are made of high-quality materials and meet American toy standards, so your child can play with confidence. If your kid loves to play with bubbles, it’s sure to be a lot of fun for your kid.

Auney Handheld Bubble Machine with Light

Auney Handheld Bubble Machine with LightEvery creative generation is accompanied by surprises, and are you also confused that there are bubble blasters with lights. These bubble blasters look different and have handles that can be worn on the hand to play with. And the operation is very simple, your child only needs to carry it in his hand, pull the trigger, and you can generate a lot of bubbles, and the bubbles generated will not disappear quickly.

Thanks to its special design, your child can release bubbles by posing like a superhero. It’s the perfect gift for kids who love cool toys, and even for some kids, it’s a replacement for a water gun toy, especially for the younger ones, bubble blasters make the process of playing safer for them. It’s worth celebrating that you just need to fill it up, and you can give your kids hours of fun wherever they are.

Bubble Wand Auto Bubble Machine

This bubble blasters must be the ideal toy for many girls, it is like a magic wand, holding it feels like the queen of the magic fairy castle. In fact, both boys and girls will be attracted by this cute cartoon magic wand, its allure is far beyond our imagination.

When it works, it not only produces colorful bubbles, but also music and light, and each can work individually, which makes it like a collection of bubble launcher, sound and light, enough for your child happiness doubled. Although it has many functions, it is still very simple to operate, even for toddlers.

The handle of this bubble blaster makes it easy for your child to hold in his hand, constantly changing positions to blow bubbles, no matter what position, tilt or inversion will not affect its work. Although this bubble blasters look gorgeous, there are no sharp edges and corners that will harm your child’s skin and pose a threat to your child. If your kids use it at a party at night, it must be a romantic thing.

Professional Bubble Machine

Professional Bubble Machine
Do you want to throw a fantastic birthday or party for your child? This professional bubble blasters will give you endless possibilities. It can generate more than 5000+ bubbles per minute, creating a fun atmosphere in an instant, because no child can refuse such beauty. Lots of colorful bubbles to enhance the kids experience and enjoy non-stop bubble fun.

This professional bubble maker is not only powerful in making bubbles, but it can also better protect children’s health. Made of high quality and durable ABS material, coupled with super built-in motor, it can work better indoors or outdoors. In addition, he has more functions, such as anti-touch mode. If your child accidentally touches the rotating rod, it will stop working immediately, which can better protect the child’s health.

This is the perfect outdoor toy and gift for kids, whether it’s a party or a kid’s birthday. It is sufficient for most scenarios. Buy one for your lovely child now!

Bubble Gatling Gun

Bubble Gatling GunThis is an ideal bubble gift that includes two bubble gatling guns. Two people can shoot bubbles at the same time, just tap the switch on the bubble launcher. You can use it for any suitable occasion such as birthdays, weddings, etc. The bubbles it fires make it possible for most children to enjoy the fun.

Not only is it great for older kids to play with, for kids, this gatling bubble gun is really light. Great for indoor and outdoor activities. Of course, if you need some toys for camping, you can read my other introduction: “Best Kids Camping Toys”, which has a variety of camping toys for you to choose from.

Safety Tips for Using Bubble Blasters

Do not let young children use it alone

Young children can’t tell the danger in time, they sometimes touch the liquid with their hands, and even some children will be curious to try the taste of bubble liquid, which are very dangerous behaviors. If your child is small, use under adult supervision for their safety.

Check for leaks

Most bubble fluids are similar in composition to soapy water and body washes, so they are non-toxic. While it won’t harm your child’s skin, it may cause health problems if eaten, so keep your child’s hands away from their mouth when playing to prevent accidental ingestion.

Guaranteed safe environment

When your child is playing with bubble blasters, first of all, keep away from open flames, and secondly, try to play on non-slip surfaces. When your child is chasing and playing, it is inevitable that bubbles will leak, and the smooth surface may cause your child to fall. If you can, the beach is a great place to play.

Pay attention to the ingredients when buying bubble water

When buying bubble water, pay attention to the formula table, and do not buy Sanwu products from roadside stalls or small stores, which must be harmful to your child’s health. Try to buy bubble water produced by regular manufacturers, even if the price is a little expensive, but it is worth it for your child.

How to Choose Bubble Blasters?

First, choose bubble blasters made of high-quality materials for your child. On the one hand, children’s resistance is relatively poor, and harmful substances will threaten their health. On the other hand, they often break the toy, the material is good and sturdy enough to stay with your child for a longer period of time.

Secondly, buy according to your child’s hobbies, make sure that the bubble launcher you choose can be liked by your child, only in this way can you attract your child’s attention and accompany him to spend more happy time.

Last but not least, pick bubble blasters according to your needs. If you and your child are going on a trip and cannot recharge in time, try to choose a bubble launcher with a battery. Conversely, if opting for rechargeable bubble blasters, make sure the cord is long enough.


Bubble blasters give your kids less work, but more fun. If your kids have a bubble launcher, they can play in gardens, parks, parties, and even take them on trips to the sea, the beach, or anywhere they want. No surprise, no matter where you are, the bubble machine will surprise you.

You may be wondering why so many kids like to play with bubbles. There’s no denying that playing with bubbles can bring unexpected joy to your child. Of course, playing with bubbles is more than just fun, it also provides your child with plenty of movement opportunities, and it also improves your child’s motor skills and coordination.

Blowing bubbles is a favorite thing for kids all over the world, if your kids love bubbles and enjoy the romantic atmosphere with bubbles. Please send a bubble blasters to your child, when your child sees it, you will get a scream from them.

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