Best Space Sand: Child’s New Favorite Toy

Best Space Sand

Toys are the first textbooks of children’s life, and they are also good friends in children’s life, playing an important role in their childhood growth. The choice of children’s toys seems to be an inconspicuous “trivial matter”, but it contains a lot of scientific truth. It is very knowledgeable to choose the right toy for the baby. How should parents choose for the baby?

Recently, I found that children like to play with a new toy – space sand. Space sand? what is this? How did it suddenly become the child’s new favorite, so that the child couldn’t put it down?

It turns out that space sand is a kind of educational toy, not sand from space, its essence is sand and beeswax. But unlike ordinary sand, space sand can be shaped without water or adhesive, and it feels a little moist. Because of its cleanliness and hygiene, it is sought after and loved by many mothers.

Let’s take a look at the mystery of this best space sand that can capture the hearts of so many parents and children!

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Here are Some Suggestions and Precautions for Babies to Play with Space Sand

Why Give Your Baby Space Sand?

1. Safe, Non-toxic and Tasteless

When parents choose toys for their children, the most important thing is whether the toys are safe. The space sand is composed of quartz sand and beeswax, and after a long time of polishing, the quartz sand is very delicate and soft to the touch, not as rough to the touch as ordinary sand, and even hurts the skin of children.

2. Good Viscosity and Good Shaping Effect

Instead of waving other liquid binders with water, best space sand is mixed with beeswax for better stickiness. Children can create according to their own imagination, it is very simple and easy to operate, and no other adhesives are used to assist in the completion.

3. Clean and Hygienic

An important reason why space sand is so popular among mothers is that it is clean and hygienic.

Unlike ordinary sand, after use, the hands are full of sand, and it is easy to stick to the hands, and some will hide in the child’s nails, which is not easy to clean, and it is easy to produce bacteria, which is not good for the child’s health.

The best space sand is clean and not sticky, and it does not feel greasy. After using it, it will be clean immediately after clapping, which is very clean and hygienic.

4. Reusable

Another unique advantage of space sand is that it can be used repeatedly, and it is very convenient to put it in a bag when not in use. You can take it out when you want to play, reuse it repeatedly, and save costs.

Precautions When Baby Plays with Space Sand?

Although space sand is safe and convenient, the following points should be paid attention to when children play with space sand:

1. Try to choose a clean and hygienic place. It is better for mother to choose a relatively spacious place, not in the utility room to ensure the relative sanitation of the environment.

2. Cover with a layer of newspaper or tarpaulin.

3. Make rules. Playing space sand for children is to improve children’s intelligence and expand their thinking. When children play with space sand, mothers should be careful not to interrupt the children, or say that the children do not pile up well, praise the children and let them give full play to themselves imagination. But mothers should also pay attention not to let the children rub their eyes with their hands, and avoid letting the children enter the eyes, nose and mouth.

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