7 Best Movable Toy Dog for Kids – High Quality & Durable

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You’ll love this guide if you want to find the best movable toy dog in one place.

I tested and selected 7 of the best plush toy dogs.

Sift through this list to find the toy dog of your choice.

Let’s dive right in.

Best Movable Toy Dogs

1 Best Overall

Talking Husky


2 Most Authentic

Talking Golden Retriever


3 Highest Quality

Barking Bearded Puppy


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What is a Movable Toy Dog?

The movable toy dog is designed for children. Its surface is soft and skin-friendly like many plush toys; it is one of the toys many children want, so what is its appeal?

First of all, it’s not a real dog, but it can walk and wag its tail like a real dog, and it even barks to attract and distract the child’s attention and heal the baby’s little emotions.

The Best Movable Toy Dog

Talking Husky

Best Moveable Toy DogThis is a cute Husky, don’t worry, he doesn’t “break up” the house like a real Husky.

The amazing thing is that he can talk and shake his head and repeat everything you say, whether you sing, speak English, or any other language you speak. Importantly, the sounds it makes are cute and funny, in line with children’s habits, and as a result, many people think this is a special learning machine.

This is an elegant husky, about 7.5 inches tall, and easy to carry wherever you want. On top of that, it will keep shaking its head after flipping the switch. This makes it the most popular moveable toy dog to take home, making it a faithful companion for your child.

Talking Golden Retriever

Talking Golden RetrieverThis is an interactive electronic dog toy. It can imitate all your sounds, walk, sing and bark like a real pet dog. Press the remote control, and it can replace the ordinary plush toy and do more simultaneously.

9.8*8.6*6.3 inches in size, suitable for feeding children of all ages. High-quality soft plush and whole body safe and non-toxic materials do not have to worry back to the child’s health to cause a threat.

It allows the child to achieve the game of walking the dog at home without finding a suitable playmate when they are bored. Repeated singing and walking will bring unlimited fun to the child.

If you want a toy dog that can move, I highly recommend this one. The cute shape and the realistic design will make your child love it!

Barking Bearded Puppy

Moveable Toy DogYes, this is a great Christmas gift for your child who loves to laugh. The cute Toby looks like a real puppy, and surprisingly, it can walk, bark, and wag its tail like a real puppy, so your child can experience the real life of having a pet.

This is a plush, movable toy dog, and it can be like a plush toy to accompany your child to bring them a sense of security. The toy dog wears a leash handle with remote control with two controls, one that allows the dog to bark and whine and the other that allows it to pant and wag its tail.

This is the gift to look forward to; your child will love it and want to take it for walks and plays, or even take it anywhere they want to show off.

Musical Plush Shih Tzu Dog

Musical Plush Shih Tzu DogThis is a light-up plush dog that is also a great nighttime toy. Press the switch, and it will glow in the dark and automatically change color every few seconds with an automatic shut-off function. The colorful design can promote the development of children’s vision.

It has soft fur like a real pet and high-quality material without worrying about harming your child. It will be a great birthday gift if you want to give your child a multifunctional electronic pet dog. Let your child have more fun with the pet dog.

Not only that, but it can also sing. Press the button on the puppy’s left paw, and it will start singing. Take your place as a better music teacher for your child! All this can be achieved with only 3 AAA batteries.

Please take it home and give it to your child as a birthday gift. It’s the right size for all ages.

Westminster Movable Toy Dog

Westminster Movable Toy DogYour child is looking forward to having a movable toy dog at Christmas time, and this toy is enough to meet your needs.

As you can see, it is very cute. It has the same shape as a real Chihuahua and imitates their actions. It will carry out a real walk, nod, wagging tail naughty pounced on, like a real pet dog. The realistic appearance and action design make children scream for it.

This is one of the popular gifts that we have selected. Because in addition to its amazing design, the price is great! It allows you to have a cute pet for less than half the cost.

This is the best choice if you want to buy a suitable, movable toy dog for your kids at the right price.

Electronic Sled Dog

Electronic Sled DogLet your child experience the fun of having a pet that will play with your child. This 7-inch sled dog can imitate everything a dog does, including walking, barking, and wagging its tail. Keep your child active by role-playing.

This super cool educational toy develops your toddler’s imagination and social skills. Your child can feed it, and it will respond like a real pet dog.

High-quality and environmentally friendly material, no harm to your child’s body. Take it home and let your child have fun role-playing with his friends!

Cute Toy Dog

Cute Toy DogThis is the best moving toy dog you can buy for your child, and the cute appearance attracts children to interact with it. With the leash handle with remote control, you can lead it anywhere. Just insert 3 AA batteries (included) into the belly of the puppy.

It is more like a real friend for the child, playing and interacting with it. Walk it around the backyard on a lead, and it can bark and wag its tail like a real pet dog. Children can untangle its fur or dress it.

This is the best birthday gift for your child. Please take him home and play with your child.

Why Movable Toy Dogs are Great!

Learning Abilities

One week old is an important stage in your baby’s language development, and learning to bark at animals is easier for your child to master. When you gently pat it, most moving toy dogs will make a pleasant sound, allowing your child to imitate the animal’s barking, thus promoting their language development. (Some can also learn music and tell stories!)

Love and Development

Toys are also good companions for children, and this mobile toy dog teaches children to take care of the process of cute pets, to develop their patience and love, and also the baby’s growth process. If you have pets at home or plan to have them in a short time, it is necessary to teach your children to love and care for pets.

Parent-child Interaction

Together with your child, you can pretend to take care of the dogs, feed them, eat them, or pretend to dress them, groom them, etc. This is a great opportunity to connect emotionally with your child and helps you to understand their inner world. It can also teach them some truths during play and help your child learn and grow.

Hands-on Skills

Experience the fun of pet ownership without the hassle of owning a pet. Children’s ability to imitate is very strong, especially those who can’t walk. Curiosity will prompt them to learn various actions they have seen before. They will imitate adults taking care of themselves to take care of their beloved toy dog and will even learn to crawl after the toy dog, which is very big progress for children learning to walk.


Yes! Movable toy dogs are as fun and safe as regular plush toys; they are easy to clean and do not face the same risk of bacteria growth and scratching and biting as real dogs. If your child is relatively young and likes animals, we recommend that you temporarily replace the real dog with a movable toy dog. It can also compensate to some extent for the child’s lack of security and make them happy.