Best Lego Duplo Set for 1-3 Year Olds

Best Lego Duplo

Baby’s Favorite Toys – The Best LEGO Duplo Collection.

Toys accompany children through a good childhood, and LEGO duplo playsets can be seen in many families.

The LEGO duplo set is a high-quality series of toys launched by the LEGO company, which has a high reputation in the market and is worthy of the trust of mothers.

So, how about a duplo toy? What are the classifications of LEGO duplo toys? What are the precautions for using LEGO duplo toys?

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Here is An Introduction and Recommendation for the LEGO duplo set

What is A LEGO Duplo Set?

The best LEGO duplo set, one of many LEGO products.

LEGO has introduced a large-piece style toy that was developed for younger children.

As can be seen from the name, the size of this toy is larger than that of ordinary toys.

Children are naturally fond of activities and are always eager to try new things. They like to put accessible things in their mouths, and large-sized toys can prevent accidental swallowing.

Moreover, younger children generally cannot control their hand muscles independently, nor can they reasonably use small-particle toys.

Therefore, the toy is very suitable for 1-3 year olds to play. While improving the baby’s movement, it can also prevent the baby from accidentally swallowing, thereby effectively protecting the baby’s health.

The History of LEGO Duplo Toys

In 1932, LEGO was born in Denmark and began to produce wooden toys.

In 1949, the first LEGO plastic bricks were produced.

In 1958, a patent was registered for the “raised tube” building block.

In 1969, the Depot series of toys specially developed for infants and young children was launched.

In 1974, the first miniature character doll was introduced.

In 1977, a mechanical group toy for slightly older age groups was launched.

In 1978, the world’s first minifigure was released.

In 1998, in cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a new generation of brainstorming robots was launched.

In 1999, it won the title of “Toy of the Century”.

In 2012, the best friend style toys were launched, and miniature dolls were added.

In 2012, 45.7 billion building blocks were produced, at a speed of 520 blocks per hour.

In 2014, LEGO made a movie and released it.

How About a LEGO Duplo Playset?

1. Can cultivate children’s various skills

Skills that can be improved include social skills, creative skills, fine motor skills, distinguishing colors and shapes, etc.

2. After a number of safety tests

Has passed the hit test, the size test to avoid swallowing, the slam test, the pull test.

3. Compatible with different series of building blocks

The measurement scale of Best Lego Duplo bricks is very accurate, which can reach one thousandth. This type of toy has a high degree of coordination, and can be perfectly spliced ​​with building blocks of various ages, styles and shapes.

This is a toy that can bring joy to children and is very suitable for children.

4. Puzzle, creativity, action, childlike, social function

This type of building blocks are unique and lifelike in shape, vividly showing the characteristics of the characters, and can create interesting story situations for children. In the process of splicing, children give full play to their talents and creativity, exercise their abilities in many aspects, and feel happiness and joy.

5. Unparalleled raw materials

This type of toys are made of high-end customized ABS plastic for toy production. This raw material not only has high safety standards, but has also risen to food-grade packaging standards.

In addition, this type of toy not only has excellent gloss, but also has good color stability, which is the top grade in toys.

6. High standard quality management

LEGO products strictly follow the ISO9001 quality management system. In production, every process is trustworthy, and every item conforms to specifications.

The quality assessment of the Best LEGO DUPLO includes judging whether the quality of injection molding, number of parts, simulated splicing, painting, assembly quality meets relevant safety standards, etc.

Classification of Duplo Toys

1. Play and explore

10615 My First Tractor, 10573 Depot Creative Series Animal Set, 10617 My First Farm, etc.

2. Create infinite stories

10589 rally car, 10506 train accessories set, 10582 forest – small animals, 10529 transport truck, etc.

3. Create and share

10586 Ice Cream Cart, 10571 LEGO Duplo All-in-One Pink Fun Bucket, 10558 Digital Train, etc.

4. Disney™ Airplane

10600 Disney Cars™ Classic Racing, 10510 Replyn’s Air Race, and more.

5. Disney™ Princess

10596 The Disney Princess™ Collection, 10542 The Fairy Tale of Sleeping Beauty, and more.



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Notes on using the Best LEGO Duplo Set

1. Lack of free service calls

If the toy set purchased by the parent is missing some parts, please call the free service number 1-800-835-4386 and complete it according to the verification instructions in the manual.

2. It is normal for parts to be scattered in the box

The toy is mostly packaged in a paper box. Usually, the inner volume of the box is much larger than the volume of the toy within.

During transportation, some of the pellets will be extruded from the plastic packaging and scattered in the box. The above situation is normal, there is no quality problem, parents need not worry.

3. Maintenance and maintenance of toys

Please strictly follow the requirements of the toy instruction manual to maintain and maintain the toy. When cleaning, wipe with a soft cloth. Also, do not throw away the toy’s packaging and assembly instructions until the toy is discarded.

4. Battery installation

If the toy is equipped with a battery slot, parents must do it themselves when the battery needs to be put in. Do not connect the toy to a power source unless the battery used in the toy is not a rechargeable battery.

In the case of rechargeable batteries, parents must always monitor the battery while charging. When charging, parents remember to separate the battery from the toy. Batteries should be configured as required, and batteries of different types, sizes, old and new cannot be used interchangeably.

When installing batteries, do not reverse the positive and negative poles. When the power in the battery is too low, it should be replaced in time. In addition, when using, check whether the power supply terminal is in normal use to avoid short-circuit phenomenon.

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