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Evaluation of Pampers Ultra Thin Dry Diapers

What is the best baby diapers? After our evaluation in many aspects, we believe that pampers ultra-thin dry diapers are the most suitable diaper brand for babies.

Because when he designs in all aspects, he starts with the baby’s health and comfort to make it more in line with the baby’s needs. To learn more about the performance of the diaper, read on and you’ll get more useful information.

Every mother wants to give the best things to her baby. Of course, the baby’s supplies can’t be underestimated. She has to look at everything carefully.

Product: Pampers Ultra Thin Dry Diapers

Here is the process and conclusion of testing diapers ↓

Testing of Diaper Waist Patch

Our evaluators use a ruler to measure the length of the belt when the diaper is still and tiled, then pull it as far as possible, and then measure its length.

The difference obtained by subtracting the two values is the elastic value of the waist patch. The data obtained: the tiling state is 36.5cm, the stretching state is 55.5cm, and the elastic value is 19.5cm

Waist stickers

From the test, we can feel that pampers’ waist patch is very elastic, and the expansion and contraction range of waist patch is as much as twice that of static state.

Elastic waist patch can better try the changes of waist and abdomen during baby’s activities, which is more close to the body and more comfortable.

Mothers should not underestimate this small waist patch. Baby’s comfort is closely related to it.

The baby’s abdomen will stretch due to hunger and activity.

If the waist paste is not elastic, the baby’s waist and abdomen will be tightly strangled by diapers, and the baby is very uncomfortable to move.

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Absorbability of Diapers

The evaluation personnel erected a transparent funnel on the diapers, poured 100ml of blue liquid, and observed the moisture absorption amount and speed.

It was found that the absorption rate of Pampers diapers was 30 seconds.

Quickly absorb moisture

In this link, Pampers’ strong absorption speed really surprised us. It was almost instantaneous that it penetrated into the inner layer.

Mothers should note that the diapers with fast absorption can fully absorb the baby’s urine in an instant. Reducing the time for urine to exist on the surface of the diapers is equal to reducing the irritation of urine to the baby’s skin.

The absorption of diapers is the basic performance of diapers. Good diapers should not only absorb a large amount, but also absorb faster, so that the baby’s little ass can contact urine as soon as possible, so as to ensure the health of the skin and safe sleep.

Dryness of Diapers

Dryness is another rigid basic indicator of diapers, especially at night, when the baby’s little butt needs to be wrapped in diapers overnight.

If the diaper is not dry enough, the urine will leak easily, and the baby’s butt will be soaked in the urine, which is very easy to red buttocks.

Therefore, we hereby remind all mothers that dryness can be judged by the re-infiltration of diapers.

Experimental steps:
We quickly poured 100 ml of blue liquid into the diaper, pressed it with a weight of 500g for 30 seconds, and waited for 30 seconds after the liquid was basically absorbed, and then pressed it with even pressure on the absorbent layer with absorbent paper, and then swept it three times. Observe the humidity condition.


in conclusion:
The absorbent paper on Pampers diapers is very light blue and has little rewet.

When we pressed the diaper with absorbent paper, the surface of the diaper felt relatively dry, and the blue marks left on the absorbent paper were relatively small.

Therefore, in terms of dryness, Pampers is also the best baby diapers.

Comparison of the Internal Structure of Diapers

There is also a very important component inside the diaper, that is, absorbent beads.

We found the absorbent beads in the Pampers diaper, poured in the blue liquid, and observed the change of the absorbent resin, as shown in the figure below.

Best Baby Diapers

The water-absorbing beads of Pampers expand rapidly and condense into small crystal water droplets. The water droplets are well-defined, and when kneaded by hand, you can feel that their water-locking performance is still very good, and the beads are not easy to deform.

Dtructural Design of Diapers

Many people have experienced that when some diapers are put on, the baby’s legs will be forced to be separated, and walking is very inflexible. This is because the crotch of the diapers is too wide.

Therefore, when choosing diapers, you must pay attention to this thoughtful little design, choose a design with a narrower crotch, and the tailoring is more suitable, which will make the baby’s legs move naturally more freely.

Comfortable Structure

We measured the size of the crotch with a ruler and found that the crotch of the Pampers diaper is 9cm, which is a narrow design among similar products.

Moreover, the leg circumference design of Pampers has changed from the original 3 rubber bands to 2, which is more loose and will not strangle the baby, which can effectively prevent the baby’s legs from being streaked with red marks.


In the whole evaluation process, we feel that the performance of Pampers ultra-thin dry diapers is relatively superior.

Moisture absorption, dryness, and its tailoring design, especially the narrow design and elastic waist tape are very user-friendly, which can meet the needs of babies and mothers.

And there’s the Skin Health Alliance, dermatologist-approved – the product is hypoallergenic, paraben free and latex (natural rubber).

He can let the baby have a better sleep and give the baby more comprehensive protection.

So we would like to call it the best baby diapers brand in 2022.

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best baby diapers

Regarding this product

  • Pampers is the #1 brand name recommended by pediatrician
  • Shield your baby’s skin with 5 layers of protection and also up to 12 hrs of dry skin
  • New and enhanced Dual Leak-Guard Barriers aid safeguard where leakages occur a lot of
  • LockAway channels soak up dampness as well as secure it far from skin
  • Skin Health Partnership, dermatologist authorized – hypoallergenic and devoid of parabens and latex (all-natural rubber).
  • Color-changing Moisture Indicator.
  • Enjoyable as well as colorful Sesame Road styles as well as personalities!
  • Make over! Item & packaging may vary. Ships in 100% Recyclable Box.