9 Best Balance Bikes for 1, 2, or 3-Year-Olds (2023 Reviews)

Balance Bikes

The 1-year-old kid’s muscles are not mature enough, so consider a balance bike without pedals to exercise it. Balance bikes require kicking the ground through both feet to move back and forth, quite suitable as entertainment to stimulate the leg muscles of small children.

We have selected 11 of the best balance bikes for 1 year olds, so you can pick the best ones while sitting at home!

Best Balance Bikes

1 Best Balance Bikes

Retrospec Cricket Balance Bike


2 Best Learning Bikes

SEREED Baby Balance Bike


3 Wooden Balance Bike

Hape Wooden Balance Bike


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Choosing a kid’s scooter for your baby is a matter of attention to detail, from the age of application, materials and brakes. There’s a guide to picking a balance bike at the bottom of the article, so read on!

What is a Balance Bike?

A balance bike is a bicycle without pedals, except that it has the same components as a regular bicycle, such as the frame, forks, handlebars and wheels. Balance bicycles are easier for children than traditional bicycles, as they have no drivetrain and your child only needs to place their feet on the ground to move at their own pace.

Balance Bikes

From the perspective of building your child’s self-confidence, a balance bike will not take a long time to learn, and your child will easily gain a sense of control and keep exploring and learning to find the right direction and speed for them.

From a safety point of view, the speed of a balance bike is not very fast, and your child can enjoy a comfortable ride with their feet up at ease. And they can put their feet down and stop at any time.

From a learning perspective, balance bikes are more intuitive and don’t require a lot of skill – you usually need to hold the handlebars and move forward. Of course, it’s easier to learn a regular bike after your child learns to balance a bike.

On the lighter side, a balance bike is a great tool to free up your hands when you take your kids to the park. They’ll be happy to keep riding and won’t need you to walk with them.

The Best Balance Bikes for 1-Year-Olds of 2022

A good balance bike can bring infinite joy to your child while helping him to exercise his muscles and learn to walk faster. Here are our 9 handpicked balance bikes for 1-year-olds. They will be the best helpers for your child’s growing stage!

Retrospec Cricket Balance Bike

Balance Bikes for 1 Year OldsIf you are looking for the right balance bike for your 1-year-old, I highly recommend this one. It is specially designed for 1-2-year-olds to help toddlers exercise their leg muscles.

Safe, durable and comfortable are its features. The safe four-wheel design ensures that your child always touches the ground without slipping and falling. Infinite acceleration allows your child to enjoy the thrill of exercise.

Suitable for use in various indoor and outdoor locations, it is equipped with non-slip tires to ensure your child’s safety while exercising. Let your child safely take the first step to riding a bike.

I want to call it the best balance bike for 1-year-olds. Let it accompany your child’s growth and guard the joyful childhood time. Bring it home!

SEREED Baby Balance Bike for 1-Year-Old Boys Girls

SEREED Baby Balance BikeThis is the best birthday gift for 1-year-old children. In helping children exercise their leg muscles while developing their confidence and balance. Nothing is better than this!

Made of sturdy carbon steel, it is safe for children of any age. Its excellent reviews are proof enough that it is the best choice.

This bike will be the perfect partner for your child to learn to walk and ride. Let your child learn through play and master walking skills faster. With a safe design, you don’t have to worry about hurting your child.

The balance bike is only 1.6 kg, so you and your child can carry it easily. The lightweight body is the best equipment for outings. Your child can carry it easily without your help.

Ride the mini pedal-less bike and let your child grow up with fun!

Hape Wooden Balance Bike

Hape Wooden Balance BikeThis green wooden balance bike has a wooden frame and rubber tires to provide excellent balance for children. More children also like the cute shape design.

The wooden frame structure also provides more possibilities for sturdiness. The bike has four wheels and an excellent balance design, perfect for children to exercise their leg muscles. From a safety point of view, this is the first choice for children aged 1-2 to buy balance bikes.

And this balance bike is a better deal than other balance bikes. With the right price, you and your child will reap more joy by letting them experience the fun of balance bikes for a longer time.

This is the best choice if you want to buy a quality balance bike for your toddler.

XJD Baby Balance Bikes

XJD Balance BikesThis is the ideal height-adjustable riding toy for children aged 1-2. The full-body adjustable design allows the balance bike to fit the child’s height at every growth stage.

Its tires are beautiful and durable, and the enclosed design protects furniture and walls. XJD’s bikes have passed the required safety tests, and the materials used are non-toxic to children.

The silent wheel model allows your child to roam and entertain without a sound. Because it is light enough, your child can build up a speed faster while still having good control over the direction of the balance bike.

This is the best riding toy for 1-year-olds to make your child love riding sports. As a perfect walker, it will help your child’s movement when they are young.

Little Tikes Baby Balance Bike

Little Tikes Baby Balance BikeSturdy construction, ideal seat height and easy to assemble, is this your ideal balance bike? If you are looking for a child balance bike for your 10-24 month old to help them learn to walk or develop balance, we highly recommend this one.

This balance bike has a supportive soft seat so your child can comfortably sit on it. Its fully enclosed wheels are safe enough for babies’ feet, making it perfect for walking toys for kids who are just learning to walk. And it has a 135-degree steering limit to prevent babies from falling on their sides.

This is the perfect balance bike, and you can assemble it in two minutes without any tools and give it to your child who is about to learn to walk. It’s worth the wait.

Peradix Baby Balance Bike

Peradix Baby Balance BikeThis is the best balance bike gift for girls. Pink appearance design, every little girl feels happy to see. Adjustable seat, suitable for children of different ages. Recommended for 1-3 year olds to ride and control.

The body is strictly reviewed, and there are no bolts that will scratch the baby’s thighs. No need to worry about your baby getting hurt during the ride because it is designed to be safe.

Buy a balance bike for your child as her 1st birthday gift, and she will be very happy! It is the best toy to enhance the relationship between parents and children.

Please contact their customer service staff if you have any problem using it. They will provide solutions and help you solve the problem the first time.

LOL-FUN Baby Balance Bike

LOL-FUN Baby Balance BikeTo help your lovely child learn to balance, you need a perfect balance bike to assist. It is designed for infants from 10 to 24 months, and its relatively short height allows your child’s feet to easily reach the ground, making it easy for them to learn.

Please don’t underestimate this children’s balance bike. And it will teach your child to control the direction of movement and speed by weight and steering. It has three wheels, and the rear wheel is designed to allow your child to learn better balance skills.

Please feel free to buy this kid’s balance bike. It is safe for any baby because it is made of high-quality non-toxic materials and is BPA-free.

Please give it to your child who is celebrating their birthday! It will be a good transition toy for your child to learn to walk and ride a bike.

MINI Balance Bike

MINI Balance BikePicking out birthday gifts for boys and girls aged 1-2, you shouldn’t miss this quality balance bike. This is a very cute balance bike for kids, and it has a simple design that gives a bright look and feel. It is also easy to assemble, taking only two minutes, and is very light, making it easy for young children to operate.

At the same time, this is also a high-quality children’s balance car. All its materials and design are designed for children and safe for them. For example, it has a 135° limit steering design, which can effectively avoid side tilting; there is also a widened closure theory, which is enough to ensure the safety of your child’s footsteps.

We think this is a great gift for young children on Christmas, Children’s Day and other holidays. Beautiful packaging and exquisite quality will not disappoint you, and you can rest assured to buy.

Giraffe Balance Bikes

Giraffe Balance BikesTry letting your animal-loving child ride on a giraffe! They’ll be squealing with excitement.

Yes, this is an extremely fun balance bike, and many kids are already attracted to it just by looking at its appearance alone. The bright colours, the cute giraffe shape and the customizable spot decals are all designed to meet the aesthetics of young children. They are very appealing to them, easily attracting their interest.

But this is not a pretty “vase” this balance bike is sturdy enough for your child to ride it non-stop for hours of fun. In addition, it can be a great help for your toddler, allowing them to enjoy learning to walk.

Give this gift to the giraffe lover in your family, and you may have a lot of unexpected gifts.

How To Choose a Balance Bike?

Research shows that balance bikes can help your child develop balance and coordination and provide a good foundation for learning how to ride a regular bike.

Many parents will be confused with so many different balance bikes on the market. So how do you choose the best balance bike for your active child? This time, we will share the key points of choosing a balance bike to help parents review the safety and functionality of the body more professionally.

When selecting a balance bike, the first thing to consider is the material of the bike. The strength of young children is very light. To allow children to push the balance bike, in the selection easily, should choose the body as light as possible.

There are balance bikes on the market made of metal alloys, plastic or wood, of which metal alloys are not only strong and durable, their frames are light, have a good weight capacity and are not easy to rust, which is the choice of many people. Of course, the advantages of each material vary, so it is important to check what kind of material you need as a gift, but whatever the material, lightness, durability, sturdiness and stability should be the primary consideration.

No doubt, pneumatic tires are the first choice for many balance and regular bikes. This is not just because pneumatic tires are flexible and absorb good shock. What is more important is their ability to provide sufficient friction.

At the stage when 1-year-olds are just learning to ride, they will go and try to walk all kinds of strange roads. Tires with wide treads provide better grip on rough surfaces, which makes the design safer for children.

Pneumatic tires and non-toxic plastic or wooden balance bikes are more conducive to their learning. Especially when they go through rough roads, it can better protect their health.

In addition to the material, there is another important factor to consider: the brake. Not all models of balance bikes are equipped with brakes. While this may be off-putting to some parents, it should be known that 1-2-year-olds are unlikely to brake in time; instead, braking with both feet will be common. Therefore, try to choose a space where there are no obstacles to ride, put your child’s helmet on and tell them that safety comes first.

Pick out and give your child a balance bike! Let them have fun on their unlimited rides.

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