2023 Best Baby Rattles Set

baby rattles set

Toys are like children’s friends. Some toys are necessary for every newborn family. The baby rattles set is such an important existence.

They perceive the world through sight, hearing and touch, and the rattle can attract the baby’s attention from the three aspects of sight, hearing and touch. It is one of the toys that are very suitable for small babies.

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Here is An Introduction to Baby Rattles Set

The Help of Rattles Set for Babies

The bright colors of the baby rattles set help babies perceive colors early and promote faster brain development.

The sounds made by rattles set help babies distinguish sounds and identify directions.

Geometric stereograms can stimulate the baby’s imagination of space and cultivate creative thinking ability.

Baby Rattles Set

1、Exercise Auditory Development

When rattle shake, it can make a crisp sound, which can be heard, and it can also be used as a tool for the baby to train and follow, help the baby to identify the direction of the sound, and also help the training of the baby’s attention.

2、Exercise Hand Development

Rattle can make sounds, rotate, grab, and shake, which can attract the attention of babies and promote the development of upper limb muscles and hand-eye coordination.

The baby rattles set is very suitable for babies who are just starting to grasp, it can help babies open their thumbs and palms to a certain extent, make their fingers more flexible, and also exercise their wrist and arm strength.

3、Visual Training

Nowadays, most of the children’s toys are designed with bright colors, which can give babies an intuitive sensory experience, and are also beneficial to visual development and color perception.

4、Brain Development

Grasping rattles can exercise the baby’s hand movement and hand muscles. The reflex of the hand is most widely distributed in the cerebral cortex, so while exercising the hand ability, it will also develop the baby’s brain.

Babies perceive the world through sight, hearing, and touch in their growing stage, and the baby rattles set just satisfies these points, so it is a very suitable toy for babies.

Tips for Buying Baby Rattles Set

· Choose by age

If the baby is less than 6 months old, at this time, due to its incomplete development, it can only play rattle lying down, and the small hand does not have enough grip strength.

When using rattle, you are likely to fall off your hands and hit yourself, so it is recommended to choose soft products, such as cloth rattles.

Products made of organic plastic are suitable for babies who are just teething, and products with teether can also be selected.

· Choose by brand

Usually, the baby rattles of big brands are more careful in design. The basic principle of non-toxic and harmless product materials is the quality of the products. The seams are also smooth, and it is not easy to scratch the baby.

· Choose According to Material

Baby rattles sets are also made of various materials, including silicone, wood, cloth, plastic, etc. For example, teething babies can use silicone or cloth rattle.

When choosing a baby rattles set, you must pay attention to whether the material of the product is safe and free of BPA.

· Choose Based on Functionality

Although the colors of baby rattles are bright, the overall matching should be soft, bright and pure; the sound should be crisp and pleasant, not too sharp; the structure should be rich and have a certain touch.

Generally speaking, rattle can prepare several more. Babies in the infant stage are in the early exploration stage of perception. At this time, wonderful sounds, touches and colors can enrich the baby’s experience of the outside world. Rattles can just bring the baby a pleasant experience.

Types of Baby Rattles Set

· Plastic Rattle

The plastic rattle is lighter than the wooden rattle, and it is more convenient for the baby to grasp. It can cultivate the baby’s interest in playing. The color difference and style can also be more diverse.

The material must be safe, non-toxic and odorless, so that the baby can be more assured to bite.

· Cloth Rattle

Babies under 6 months can’t sit up yet, and they are easy to fall off and hit themselves when they lie down and play the rattle. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a soft, cloth-made rattle. Although it is made of cloth, it should also be selected with a certain texture, so that the baby can feel the sense of touch.

· Wooden Rattle

Wooden toys have a long history and are more reassuring in terms of design, production and material.

Wooden rattles are more traditional, the sound is more natural and clear, the style can be complex or simple, but the educational effect on the baby cannot be ignored.

Because there is a certain weight, it is generally not recommended for babies who can only lie down to play.

· Silicone Rattle

Babies who are teething can choose a rattle in the teether style. Some parts of this type of rattle are made of silicone, which can be safely chewed by the baby to relieve the discomfort of teething.

When choosing a gutta-percha rattle, be sure to pay attention to the safety of the material.

In addition, the details of the rattle must be a whole to prevent the baby from swallowing.

· Electronic Rattle

The baby rattles set is of great significance to the baby’s exercise in all aspects. In addition to the traditional rattles, the current rattles are also further combined with electronic technology to incorporate more nature and various wonderful sounds to let the baby play in the process of perceiving the world.

Precautions for use

  • Note that the packaging is not a toy, do not let the baby play with it to prevent accidents.
  • Try to take the unpacked baby rattles set for children to use. If it is a child who unpacks the package, an adult must supervise it.
  • Damaged baby rattles cannot be used by babies to avoid accidental injuries such as accidental swallowing and suffocation.
  • Important information about the product is usually marked on the box of baby rattles set, and it is recommended to keep it properly.

Toys occupy an important position in life and learning.

Nowadays, many toys pay more attention to children’s intelligence, so they are more and more complicated.

But baby rattles stand out with their traditional yet simple design, so the baby rattles set becomes the first official toy for many newborn babies.

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