Baby Grabbing Ear: Curious or Infected?

Baby Grabbing Ear

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Is it curiosity or discomfort for your baby to scratch his ears?

Many parents respond that they don’t know when their children start to tug at their ears and often pull them for play.

If your child is tugging at their ears, read our guide to help you solve the confusion.

Let’s dive right in.

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Why Do Babies Scratch Their Ears?

Parents are worried when their babies are always scratching their ears. They may even associate it with whether their baby’s ears are uncomfortable. There are many reasons why children scratch their ears.

  • When the baby’s environment is too hot, or some mosquitoes make them feel hot, itchy, and uncomfortable, they will tug at their ears.
  • When babies feel tired and sleepy and want to sleep, they will tug at their ears.
  • Your baby will tug at its ears when they are becoming aware of its own body.
  • They tug their ears when their ears are clogged with ear wax.
  • Your baby will tug at its ears when they are teething and feel uncomfortable.
  • They will tug at their ears when there is a foreign body inside their ears.
  • Your baby will pull at their ears when they have an infection inside their ears.
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What Should We Do When Babies Pull Their Ears?

Usually, babies pulling or tugging on their ears is nothing to worry about unless they are sick.

If you feel that your baby is irritable and has sweat on their forehead, the current temperature may make them uncomfortable. Reduce clothing and check for mosquitoes around your baby.

If you think your baby is pulling on their ears because they are sleepy, try putting your child to sleep, staying with them, and calming them down.

If your child is curious about everything about their body and enjoys it, they may be in a sensory awareness phase.

If your child is repeatedly pulling on their ears and trying to stick their fingers in their ear canal, it could be that ear wax is blocking their ears.

Look out for teething if your child is biting their fingers or toys a lot and is crying. The discomfort of teething may also cause your baby to pull at their ears.

Of course, if your baby is anxiously pulling at their ears, crying a lot, and has a cold or fever, take them to the doctor immediately. This may be due to an ear infection or a foreign body inside the ear.

How Can I Give My Baby Good Ear Care?

  1. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the ears. The ear is a self-cleaning organ and does not usually need active cleaning. Just clean the outside of the ear. If too much ear wax affects health issues such as hearing, it is advisable to seek medical attention.
  2. Pay attention to ear hygiene. Get into daily cleaning by wrapping moistened gauze around your finger and carefully scrubbing the inside, outside, and around your baby’s ear.
  3. Don’t let the dirty water get into your baby’s ears. After bathing and swimming, check your baby’s ears carefully for water and remove any water left in the auricle and ear canal on time.
  4. Check your baby’s ears regularly. Keep an eye on your baby’s ears, especially if it pulls at them frequently or is sick. If you see any discharge from your baby’s ears or the ear canal is blocked, seek medical attention.
  5. Don’t put anything in the ear. Babies are curious about everything around them. Parents should take the initiative to educate their children and guide them properly, so they do not put foreign objects in their ears.
  6. Be aware of your surroundings. Do not expose your baby to loud noises. A quiet environment will not harm your baby’s ears and will help them sleep.
Newborn babies are fragile and should be cared for by their parents. When children scratch their ears, they should respond quickly and correctly.